Large Wheeled Holdall Trolley Bag @£4.97  Argos

Large Wheeled Holdall Trolley Bag @£4.97 Argos

Found 30th Dec 2007
Sorry, if i'm reposting, but i couldn't find it from HUKD search.
Just went through Price cuts and bought one of these from Argos.
# Lightweight polyester holdall 'D' shaped top zip opening and external front zip pocket.
# Webbing grip handles.
# Size (H)36, (W)94, (D)36cm / (H)14, (W)37, (D)14in.
# Weight 2.5kg.
# Capacity 121 litres.

Its a very large bag and really cheap at this price. 121 litres capacity is really helpful.
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Great deal
As the Argos links seem shot to hell @ the mo' anyone looking for this would be best to search for....

4 Corners Large Wheeled Holdall - Grey
Item number - 2850928
thank you. i have reserved the pink one, which is half price too.
Thanks Charlie for pointing it out.. I guess HUKD doesn't allow more than 250chars in the link address. Its coming 285 chars for the product. Please find the direct link attached. Catalogue id is: 2850928$PRICECUT/1/Trail/zone%3DpriceCutsZone.Price+Cuts%3EC%24cip%3D1500006333.Garden%2C%2BDIY%2Band%2Bleisure%3EC%24cip%3D1500006394.Luggage%3EC%24cip%3D1500006401.Garment%2Bcarriers%2Band%2Btrolley%2Bholdalls.htm
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Price Cuts > Garden, DIY and leisure > Luggage > Garment carriers and trolley holdalls > 4 Corners Large Wheeled Holdall - Grey.
cracking little deal
Fab wee find
voted hot, I took this to iceland with me when my band played, and I packed tons of stuff and still had more room, the wheels are a godsend to, it can be quite flimsy but what do you expect for so cheap
Just ordered one - cheers.
I reserved one of these. They are very expandable, unlike conventional luggage. Meaning you can always squeeze in that extra item...
Cheers heated up
Just reserved one! Perfect for a bag for my wife to go into hospital with for our second child!

we will not put the child in the bag btw
I got one this morning. Thanks very much.
Great deal, thanks getknk Going for one myself .. Direct link is now working too

Thanks for the feedback…158 and welcome to HUKD's

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Great deal , cheers OP , hot & repped .
Great Deal - Just Picked Up One From My Local Argos - And I Can Tell You Its Gigantic
you could fit as much stuff in it as you can in a medium suitcase!

its is absolutely massive!
This will definitely hold more than my Carlton suitcase, which is also heavirer and so takes up precious baggage allowance!

I picked up 2 today, they seem strong but am a bit worried whether they will survive a return trip to Cuba :thinking:
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