Large Wheeled Holdall Trolley Bag @£4.97  Argos

Large Wheeled Holdall Trolley Bag @£4.97 Argos

Found 30th Dec 2007
Sorry, if i'm reposting, but i couldn't find it from HUKD search.
Just went through Price cuts and bought one of these from Argos.
# Lightweight polyester holdall 'D' shaped top zip opening and external front zip pocket.
# Webbing grip handles.
# Size (H)36, (W)94, (D)36cm / (H)14, (W)37, (D)14in.
# Weight 2.5kg.
# Capacity 121 litres.

Its a very large bag and really cheap at this price. 121 litres capacity is really helpful.
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Great deal
As the Argos links seem shot to hell @ the mo' anyone looking for this would be best to search for....

4 Corners Large Wheeled Holdall - Grey
Item number - 2850928
thank you. i have reserved the pink one, which is half price too.
Thanks Charlie for pointing it out.. I guess HUKD doesn't allow more than 250chars in the link address. Its coming 285 chars for the product. Please find the direct link attached. Catalogue id is: 2850928$PRICECUT/1/Trail/zone%3DpriceCutsZone.Price+Cuts%3EC%24cip%3D1500006333.Garden%2C%2BDIY%2Band%2Bleisure%3EC%24cip%3D1500006394.Luggage%3EC%24cip%3D1500006401.Garment%2Bcarriers%2Band%2Btrolley%2Bholdalls.htm
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Price Cuts > Garden, DIY and leisure > Luggage > Garment carriers and trolley holdalls > 4 Corners Large Wheeled Holdall - Grey.
cracking little deal
Fab wee find
voted hot, I took this to iceland with me when my band played, and I packed tons of stuff and still had more room, the wheels are a godsend to, it can be quite flimsy but what do you expect for so cheap
Just ordered one - cheers.
I reserved one of these. They are very expandable, unlike conventional luggage. Meaning you can always squeeze in that extra item...
Cheers heated up
Just reserved one! Perfect for a bag for my wife to go into hospital with for our second child!

we will not put the child in the bag btw
I got one this morning. Thanks very much.
Great deal, thanks getknk Going for one myself .. Direct link is now working too

Thanks for the feedback…158 and welcome to HUKD's
Great deal , cheers OP , hot & repped .
Great Deal - Just Picked Up One From My Local Argos - And I Can Tell You Its Gigantic
you could fit as much stuff in it as you can in a medium suitcase!

its is absolutely massive!
This will definitely hold more than my Carlton suitcase, which is also heavirer and so takes up precious baggage allowance!

I picked up 2 today, they seem strong but am a bit worried whether they will survive a return trip to Cuba :thinking:
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