Lark Rise to Candleford - 1st Series Boxset £18.97 @

Lark Rise to Candleford - 1st Series Boxset £18.97 @

Found 13th Aug 2008
Flora Thompson's charming love letter to a vanished corner of rural England is brought to life in this warm-hearted adaptation. Set in the Oxfordshire countryside in the 1880s, this rich, funny and emotive BBC series follows the relationship of two contrasting communities: Lark Rise, the small hamlet gently holding on to the past, and Candleford, the small market town bustling into the future.

Seen through the eyes of young Laura (Olivia Hallinan - Sugar Rush, Torchwood) the inhabitants endure many upheavals and struggles as the change inexorably comes; their stories by turns poignant, spirited and uplifting. And Laura herself must face great change. Taking a job in the Post Office in Candleford, run by the mercurial Dorcas Lane (Julia Sawalha - Cranford, Pride and Prejudice), Laura turns her back on her childhood hamlet to make her way in the world. With her loyalties divided, she must choose her own path to womanhood...

Dawn French, Julia Sawalha and Liz Smith star alongside Olivia Hallinan in this ten-part adaptation of Flora Thompson's magical memoir of her Oxfordshire childhood.


Cheapest by about £5 - pretty good.

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Cheapest by about £5 - pretty good.

I think that's a fair assessment. It's bound to come down further, but that's the cheapest you can get it at the moment (even taking the asda deal into account) and I have to buy it now as it's part of my mum's birthday pressie.

If you don't NEED to buy it now, then it would probably be worth hanging on a bit longer
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