Larry Sanders Show Series 1-6 DVD £39.99 @ MOVIEMAIL

Larry Sanders Show Series 1-6 DVD £39.99 @ MOVIEMAIL

Found 15th Dec 2014
Complete collection, comprising all six seasons, from the highly-influential cult 1990s US sitcom based around the antics of chat show host Larry Sanders (Garry Shandling). The show co-stars Rip Torn as the programme's producer, Arthur, and Jeffrey Tambor as Larry's stressed out sidekick, 'Hey Now' Hank Kingsley, and features many famous celebrities appearing as guest stars on Larry's show.


This is a must see show. Superbly satirical of the show-biz world of backstabbing, narcissism and insecurity. No canned laughter here - none required. A comedy of the highest order

Brilliant series. One of those cult comedy works of genius

producer arty is just comedy gold,an incredible character. the funniest tv program i have ever seen.there is also hank kingsley to laugh your **** off about as many good characters and well written comedy episodes.the quality of comedy is just so high.
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One of the best shows ever!

Absolutely essential, and a steal. Hilarious.

One of the best shows ever, and criminally treated by the clowns at the BBC who put it on in a graveyard slot, and messed with its scheduling; in fact, pretty much exactly what they did to Seinfeld.

A UK copy featuring Michael Barrymore (called 'Bob Martin') ran for about 6 episodes, and we know how that worked out...

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