LAS VEGAS LUXURY STAY,5* Bellagio hotel with return flights just £709.72 pp December 2015 Departing Gatwick @ Lastminute

LAS VEGAS LUXURY STAY,5* Bellagio hotel with return flights just £709.72 pp December 2015 Departing Gatwick @ Lastminute

Found 5th Mar 2015
LAS VEGAS LUXURY STAY,5* Bellagio hotel with return flights just £709

Departing Gatwick 6th December 2015 for 5 nights

Don't get me wrong you can get cheaper Vegas deals but this is a 5* quality hotel smack bang in the middle of Vegas not some motel off the strip and the difference in price is only about £140 pp more

Flying out with American airlines

Returning with Virgin

Set behind the famous Fountains of Bellagio, this luxury Las Vegas Strip hotel and casino offers an upscale day spa, multiple dining options and elegant rooms with marble en suite bathrooms. The Cirque du Soleil show "O" is on site.

The richly-decorated rooms of the Bellagio are equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV and electronic drapes. Soft bathrobes, a minibar and an iPod docking station are included.

Bellagio guests can experience a variety of treatments at the spa or enjoy a massage beside one of 5 beautiful courtyard pools. Lush botanical gardens and a fine art gallery are open for viewing.

A wide range of dining options is offered, including Michael Mina's fine dining restaurant, al fresco dining with fountain views at Picasso and contemporary Japanese dishes at Yellowtail. Sophisticated boutique shops and The Bank Nightclub are also within the hotel.

The Las Vegas Bellagio is 3 miles from the McCarran International Airport.

Las Vegas Strip is a great choice for travellers interested in culture, excursions and cleanliness.

The flight from Gatwick to Las Vegas is with Virgin via a Delta Airlines codeshare
- yozzer2006
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who the flights with thou ?

who the flights with thou ?

American airlines on the way out

Virgin on the way back
Too cold for me at that time of year! If going take your winter woollies.
great deal for the bellagio so it's hot from me, however I prefer to stay in a slightly cheaper hotel like the mirage so that I can afford to do more in the actual hotel I'm staying in. I then head out to more expensive hotels once or twice for a nice meal or drinks while I'm there.
This is really cheap including flights. Fantastic deal for a beautiful hotel.
great price for an amazing hotel! went that time last year! walked around in a tshirt and jeans, although the locals did say it was where near as cold as here! and how long do you spend outside? it is not like you can't get a coffee or stop in a bar and i think the rooms have heating.
Shame it's with American Airlines. Nothing but problems with them Ryanair and Easyjet are much better.
Spa is included or its an extra?
Cracking price for the Bellagio.
Good Deal.
Groovii D

Shame it's with American Airlines.  Nothing but problems with them Ryanair and Easyjet are much better.

Ryanair are better??? I dread to think what kind of problems you must have had with AA to come to that conclusion.

Too cold for me at that time of year! If going take your winter woollies.

Winter woollies would be a waste of baggage space! Just a warm coat would suffice.

We went December a few yrs back and although it was a little chilly when the sun went down, during the day it was sunny and warm (long sleeved t-shirt warm).
Not bad, but not amazing.

Basically: hotel - £100/night, flights: £450 pp return.

Good prices for sure but dates and duration have to suit you.
When I click deal it just takes me to home page of last - do i then need to use all search options to get deal?
Good price, but those considering a trip like this from Northern Ireland, the prices are great from Dublin, same dates, same hotel

Of course you have to factor in fuel/travel costs to dublin, but the bus is £16 return and runs all night from the Europa!
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Aer Lingus to Gatwick, Virgin to Vegas, same airlines back.
Any good deals for Manchester? I'm getting married June 2016 and would like ths stag doo in Vegas!
Prefer the mandarin oriental tbh

Spa is included or its an extra?

You are going all the way to Las Vegas for a happy ending?

Any good deals for Manchester?  I'm getting married June 2016 and would like ths stag doo in Vegas!

Keep checking lastminute on vegas deals some really good deals on there
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I'm impressed that not once you mentioned oceans 11 in the post , cheers

I'm impressed that not once you mentioned oceans 11 in the post , cheers

I would have loved this if it was available during the school holidays and not just when they can't sell the tickets.
Hot for the deal, cold for the practise.

Prefer the mandarin oriental tbh

Yeah, but that's not at all in the same budget.

Seems a decent deal.

But, this HAS to have been written by an American .....

Las Vegas Strip is a great choice for travellers interested in culture

Las Vegas. Culture?!?!? Bwahahahaha ....... I think not. Models of ancient Greek and Roman ruins don't really count ...

American airlines on the way out Virgin on the way back

It's Virgin both ways. American Airlines don't fly from Gatwick.
Cant believe no one has mentioned Resort Fees

This will add around £100/£125 to the price as they are compulsary per room per stay

WiFi was terrible when we went last year, managed to get the resort fee refunded

Cant believe no one has mentioned Resort FeesThis will add around £100/£125 to the price as they are compulsary per room per stay

£106 at current exchange rates, based on $32.48 resort fees per night according to their website :-)

WiFi was terrible when we went last year, managed to get the resort fee refunded

To those on 3 though they can use their data and allowance their for free!

Cant believe no one has mentioned Resort FeesThis will add around £100/£125 to the price as they are compulsary per room per stay

Tip the person checking you in $20 and resort fees can be waived. Stayed in both the MGM Grand and Luxor and had the fees waived both times by asking if anything could be done about them and sticking $20 between my passport and credit card.

$20 Trick
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Tip the person checking you in $20 and resort fees can be waived. Stayed in both the MGM Grand and Luxor and had the fees waived both times by asking if anything could be done about them and sticking $20 between my passport and credit card.$20 Trick

Great tip as ive done this myself for a room upgrade, but not always guaranteed.

I did the same the last time i went, he pocketted the $20 and said there were no upgrades, gutting lol
Just looked, can get flights Friday 4th and return Monday 7th from Gatwick for roughly £550 and stay at the new York new York for £233, so £780ish in total for 2 people, flying with Delta. Would love this!! xxx

Just looked, can get flights Friday 4th and return Monday 7th from Gatwick for roughly £550 and stay at the new York new York for £233, so £780ish in total for 2 people, flying with Delta. Would love this!! xxx

New York New York isn't even in the same league as the Bellagio and Delta are a terrible airline.
Decent deal on a great hotel (makes a change to the deals for Stratosphere or Circus Circus). Never been in Decemeber though, would prefer to go when it's a bit hotter.
Always around this price for Dec-Feb. Its is cold though so no sunbathing and bellagio close the pool too.
Don't let it put you off still loads of amazing other things to do - shopping, shows, tours, gambling and partying!
only 5 nights?! not enough!!!
Got Married in Vegas at this time of year - it was lovely. We stayed in the Bellagio, lovely hotel but it's expensive to drink in, better off going to another hotel on the strip.

New York New York isn't even in the same league as the Bellagio and Delta are a terrible airline.

still an amazing hotel though
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