Laser 3533 Digital Multimeter RRP £12.34 In Store @ Motabitz £5.50 Clearance

Laser 3533 Digital Multimeter RRP £12.34 In Store @ Motabitz £5.50 Clearance

Found 22nd Jan 2015
Picking up one of these today after calling the store they have these on clearance. Their RRP is £15.50 although amazon slightly cheaper but on clearance for £5.50 in store.

This Digital Multi-meter is for measuring AC and DC voltages, DC current, resistance, and diodes. Maximum 500v DC and 500v AC.

This digital Multimeter is for measuring AC and DC voltages.
DC Voltage 200mV-2000mV-20V-200v-600V AC Voltage 200V/600V
DC current: 200u-2000uA-20mA-200mA-10A Resistance 200-2k-20k-200k-2000k
Maximum input 500V DC, 500V AC. Battery included
Diode and Transistor Check Conforms to CE IEC/EN/ROHS Size 70mm x 126mm x 24mm
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50p cheaper (I haven't done an extensive search). Not that I'd suggest a cheap multimeter like this but if that's what you're after. Can usually get a much better one for £7-8.…ter

Actually on that link is £2.89 from the amazon market.

Edited by: "holdav" 22nd Jan 2015
I have one of these as I wanted an upgrade to my old faithful circuit tester which was also AC tester and DC reader uo to 12v. I found this one not very good. Took me ages to find the correct setting for a circuit test and then it flashes different numbers on the screen. It's possibly very good for more complicated testing but for me on the simple tests I need it's rubbish.
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