Laser Level - at Poundland!!!

Laser Level - at Poundland!!!

Found 29th Apr 2007
Just bought from Poundland in Nuneaton this morning. Projects a laser line, so in effect a cheap laser spirit level. Haven't tested it yet, but for a quid its worth a punt!


probably best not to point this at anything you don't want to dis-integrate tho, I bet it could even take out a Klingon bird of prey or a Romulan war bird !!! :giggle:

Bought one of these last year - never worked !!! could'nt be bothered to take it back. Would have cost me more in Car Park fees.. Good luck though.

P.S . stay clear of the 12v car to USB adaptor, ' Can be used to charge USB powered devices' . Yer right.... Plugged my K800i mobile into it and within 2 mins it had sucked all the power from the mobile... ( may be good for discharging batteries though .. lol.)
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