Laser X Double Pack - £40 @ Tesco

Laser X Double Pack - £40 @ Tesco

Found 6th Dec 2017
Seems to be the cheapest price around for a present which pops up on a few 'Top Toys' lists over the internet.

Blurb from website:

Bring the ultimate game of high-tech tag into your home with this Laser X double pack! Suitable for use inside or out, day or night, this laser tag set is perfect for active fun!

Players will have to hide, run and shoot as they avoid being shot themselves. As you are blasted, your receiver vest will gradually change colour. If you are hit 10 times and you’re out! Complete with voice coach guidance, full colour lighting effects, stereo sound and music, this game of laser-tag really comes to life as you play.

Working up to 60 metres away, practice your accuracy and shooting skills with this fun game of laser tag.

This Laser X 2-player pack includes 2x Laser X Blasters and 2x Receiver vests.
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Awesome, heat added thank you so much. Have been watching these for weeks (including black friday/cyber monder) cheapest ive seen anywhere and actually in stock. Ordered 2 sets for pick up.
FYI i tried the john lewis link first and they are already out of stock.
Heat. Great price at last. Kids been pestering for these. Might as well give them a reason to fight at Christmas.
I think these were £35 in Costco yesterday.
Very expensive for what it is! With poor reviews. However heat for the deal if you got no choice and have to buy them for the kids
I think I still got a pair of Photon guns somewhere...
popolou2 h, 48 m ago

I think I still got a pair of Photon guns somewhere...

Amazing. That's a kick back to my youth.
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