Last Action Hero (Blu-ray) £8.99 at Play

Last Action Hero (Blu-ray) £8.99 at Play

Found 7th Jun 2010
Last Action Hero (Blu-ray) £8.99 at Play

Next best £12.95

Already posted this price for Amazon but Play have now price matched - so slightly cheaper if you are after cashback.

Danny Madigan (Austin O'Brien), a young cinema fan, is crazy about his all-time great movie hero, L.A. cop Jack Slater (Arnold Schwarzenneger).

Having received a magic golden cinema ticket, Danny is blasted through the big screen and into the action alongside his celluloid hero, who is more than a little puzzled by his presence. Fasten your seatbelt, as the dare-devil duo dodge bullets, bombs and bad guys in a whirlwind world where anything is possible!

But. ..disaster strikes when the baddies grab half the magic ticket and make their escape into the real world, where they find life a doddle for two rogues intent on madness and mayhem.With Jack and Danny in hot pursuit, hold your breath as the action addicts discover that real life can be even more exciting than the movies.

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