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Found 13th Mar 2010
John McTiernan (The Hunt for Red October) imaginatively directs this action comedy, which is an interesting failure with some fascinating ironies that make it well worth seeing. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays both a character named Jack Slater--a fictional cop hero who exists only in the movies (ie, the movies seen by the characters in this movie) and the actor who plays Jack Slater in the real world (ie, in the movie we're actually watching). McTiernan's hall-of-mirrors effect is fun, though Last Action Hero never quite identifies itself as a pure action movie, science fiction, a kid's movie, or anything else. (The expensive film suffered at the box office as a result and was roundly criticised for this ambivalence.) What lingers in the memory, however, is Schwarzenegger, playing himself, being confronted by Slater for having created an alter ego for film in the first place. It's a provocative moment: how often have we seen a major star blatantly wrestle with his actor's legacy in this way? --Tom Keogh


Good lord, why did they get rid of the original box art?


Good lord, why did they get rid of the original box art?

+ 1

But, a good price for now (although can see this dropping further quite quickly). Heat added :thumbsup:

Guilty pleasure still too much though

To be or not to be?

...Not to be

Love this film

They should have made the Hamlet movie

Tempted, but I've just bought Zombieland and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
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