Last chance to buy some beautiful dresses at many only £8.00 from £25.00

Last chance to buy some beautiful dresses at many only £8.00 from £25.00

Found 11th Oct 2008
Last chance to buy some beautiful dresses at many only £8.00 from £25.00

over 50 pages of clothes that are your last chance to buy
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LOADS of really nice dresses there. Good post, have some heat.

LOADS of really nice dresses there. Good post, have some heat.

thanks some nice party dresses there for xmas
Some nice dresses. heat given
Oooh - I wish I was 20 years younger, these dresses are so pretty
Oh Diva - what have you done?! Now I'm gonna have to spend lotsa money!
:thumbsup:lovely stuff
Does anyone know what their sizing is like? Any good for a size 14/16 or are they a snug fit? :oops:

Some lovely stuff. Only just started Slimming World again after 2 kids though so not sure if they'll be for me at the mo..........:whistling:

i would also like to know if anyone has used this company before. Was the quality ok and most importantly what was the sizing like. We are dressing up new years eve with a tartan theme and there are some great dresses which would just be the job.
Oh Dear... thanks a lot.....dd's having a party with my c.c. right now:roll:
heat added I am hoping you are saving me some money!
Our daughter has ordered 2 dresses. Bank balance hammered again due to hukd. Thanks OP
BTW code didn't work for us either
nice find- ordered for my daughter!:thumbsup: Heat and rep added!
Must tell my better half about this Not that I am an expert on womens fashion, but I see nice clothes and cheap prices, so heat added
I've ordered from boohoo before, the quality is not very good, a jumper I bought needed mending after one wear and the jeans were badly made.

However I still think this deal deserves some heat, there are some fashionable dresses at very cheap prices, for £8 you could wear the dress a few times and not be too worried if it fell apart afterwards.
Is the site always this slow/buggy or is it just being battered beause of the sale? Looks like some nice stuff, but not getting anywhere due to atrocious site...
just ordered 2 pairs of jeans, 2 tops and a dress for £40 plus postage using a 15% off code.

i'm new and its in the voucher section for everyone[IMG]

BTW code didn't work for us either

Aww I didn't even spot the voucher code!

Anyway just showed the gf and she got 3 new presents so I earnt some 'good books' points :P
Received goods today, well packed and speedy.
Overall quality isnt too good if like me you shop at places like M & S but if you're young and want a fun thing to wear for a season think you'd be happy. To be fair i think the full prices give you an idea of what the quality is. i would say Cheap High St. good for the money.
As it is i bought this for a fancy dress...tartan theme..New Years Eve. Chose the bright red dress with the big bow on the front for £8 and it looks brill. Really pleased.
Sizes i would say are a little on the small size.
Now going to send one back as i anticipated sizing problems lets see how long they take to refund.
Overall, fun cheap clothes. i am over the moon, New Years Eve sorted.
OP I have received 2 dresses for my daughter today & they are both lovely. Many Thanks
2 dresses and a blouse arrived today. Sizes were terrible all size 10 yet one was too tight and the other 2 too big really (although wearable) although the quality was just too bad. The blouse wasn't on sale and was the worst of the bunch. Looked nothing like the pictured blouse and was a very poor fit.

Wasn't expecting miracles given the price but I think most of this stuff is only good for 1 or 2 wears. Some great stuff for fancy dress :-P

On the plus side they seem to have a good returns policy (free returns)
Thanks, just ordered a dress for my sis to wear at my 21st birthday party! Cheap as chips, DONT FORGET THE 20% PROMO CODE!!!!!
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