Last ever 15% off sale weekend @ Homebase

Last ever 15% off sale weekend @ Homebase



Thats like DFS never having another sale!

Really?Thats like DFS never having another sale!


Really?Thats like DFS never having another sale!

Yes but I bet the last one will be such a success that they will change their mind and bring it back to make us all happy again.

I'm getting very cynical in my old age (_;)
Maybe they'll reduce their prices to a sensible level instead.
Is this 'last one' to get us to buy quickly this weekend, before we find out it is to be replaced with 16% off everything weekend?
Is this in store only or online as well please
All these recent offers have been minimum spends and the prices are not good to start off with.
If this is the last one I'll eat the plant I buy with 15% off

Think DFS. Think Eissenegger
it's rebranded overpriced Argos ****
Until the next one in a months time when it goes slow in there again!
That will mean they are going to be 15% more expensive all the time
They are moving to 20% off weekends..................
Who falls for this stuff?
I know someone who works for the company and they are definitely stopping them, it's no scam...
Maybe they'll review their pricing policy - the only time they are competitive against B&Q ,Wickes etc is during the 15% off weekends . If they try to keep up their high prices they wont be here in a year .
Say Goodbye to homebase people.
They stop the sale weekends , and it's all over!
Homebase will be gone soon, its only a matter of time
2 already shut in my area! I'm sure there's more to follow
I wanted a weber BBQ. Even with 15% off they were more than 10% dearer than b&q.

Outdated retailer with outdated selling practices. They had better wake up before they go bust
RIP Homebase. Too expensive, even at sale time.
For those saying they are too expensive your right but just get them to price match. I did and got tiles for £10sqm instead of £28sqm.
Will work out cheapest for the Keter shed I want - thanks
I don't know how this place survives as their prices are a joke.
Why don't they just reduce their prices by 15%?
B&m are much cheaper for decorating and screw fix for everything else.
Everywhere is cheaper than Homebase on most items. They need to get some clever people in their marketing department, I mean how difficult is it to see what price the competition is. If you do that then you know where to pitch your price. Saying that my Homebase is in a part of town where house prices maybe command a bit more so maybe they think people will pay the extra. It doesn't work and one Homebase in our city has already gone.

Today I stopped a guy in Homebase buying a Ryobi petrol mower marked at £266.99 less 15%= £226.95. The same mower is available from Argos at £179.98 + £8.95 delivery

Where the get £266.99 from in the first place. Homebase are a bit of a joke and need to get real in today's market.
The B&Q was failing badly where we live and shut up shop with a closing down sale etc. Went up for sale.

Guess who bought the shell?

The B&Q was failing badly where we live and shut up shop with a closing … The B&Q was failing badly where we live and shut up shop with a closing down sale etc. Went up for sale.Guess who bought the shell?

I try not to shop at B & Q either. They have got terribly expensive in the last 15 years. I find smaller builder's merchants are cheaper or MKM if you have a depot near you. I work in the construction industry and deal with trade supplier so know how much they are making. The company I work for now are agents for a staircase manufacturer. We sell Oak Newel caps at £9.60 inc. vat. In B & Q they are £20 !!!! Only time I shop at B & Q is when something is on offer. Their power tools are on par with most places but on their building materials they are ripping us off. MKM know that and that's why their company is thriving.
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