Last Exile Complete Collection [ANIME] (7DVD) £19.49 Delivered - taxfreedvd

Last Exile Complete Collection [ANIME] (7DVD) £19.49 Delivered - taxfreedvd

Found 24th Sep 2007
Not one of the most reliable merchants out there but this newly released box set is very cheap. Next nearest price £50 so smacks of a misprice.

To get to this price use the voucher code CXP272 at checkout.

Quidco available at 5%

Combining the high style of pulp action-adventure with a steampunk setting and production design, LAST EXILE is one of the most aesthetically impressive anime series ever produced. On the planet Prestel two kingdoms, Anatory and Dysith, are waging war using steam-powered air ships and fighter planes. Klaus and Lavie are teenaged air couriers who own a steamship and dream of passing through the famous passageway called the Grand Stream, which killed their fathers. But the pair cannot escape the great conflict that has engulfed their world. LAST EXILE is the tenth anniversary production of the esteemed Gonzo anime studio, which has spared no creative expense in making it. Victorian-era technology, art deco design, pulp science fiction, and World War II style dogfights blend seamlessly into one vision. This release contains every episode in the series.


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Great show, well worth the small asking price.

Voted hot.

Sorry cold from me as the last item i tryed to order from them never turned up.
Waited 3 weeks with no updates from them i emailed them in the end and I was told they had to order it in as they don't carry it in stock. .never again

absolute useless company dont bother.

I didn't bother with this when I saw it the other day since taxfreedvd won't honour it.

Bargain..if it's working.

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Bargain..if it's working.

Up to £58 now :? ....clicking expired
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