Last minute Christmas shopping ? Dates for last orders @ Online Retailers for Pre Christmas delivery

Last minute Christmas shopping ? Dates for last orders @ Online Retailers for Pre Christmas delivery

Found 4th Dec 2009
Every year Santas little helpers (the mods) set about the task of collating all the last delivery if you still have Christmas shopping to do or if you are a bit like me (leave it to the last minute) then this thread will show you the retailers where you can still order online for pre Christmas delivery (standard delivery).

All retailers will be added to the follow up post as soon as we know the dates. Please let us know if you find any more stores by posting in the forum or using the report function and one of us will update the list

Oh yeah, and one more thing ........... Merry Christmas !!!!
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[COLOR="Red"]7th December[/COLOR]
Nat Mags

[COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Red"]8th December[/COLOR][/COLOR]
Marks & Spencer’s (for Furniture)

[COLOR="Red"]10th December[/COLOR]
Marks & Spencer’s (for Large Household Appliances)
Sleeping Solutions

[COLOR="Red"]15th December[/COLOR]
White Stuff (Express 22nd December)

[COLOR="Red"]16th December[/COLOR]
Marks & Spencer’s (for Flowers) – available till 22nd for nominated delivery

[COLOR="Red"]17th December[/COLOR]
B & Q
Majestic Wine

[COLOR="Red"]18th December[/COLOR]
Marks & Spencer’s (for Giftcards/ Vouchers) – available till 22nd for nominated delivery
The Hut
Woolworths Entertainment
Asda Entertainment
Tesco Entertainment
Love Film
Comet (Click and Collect - 24 Dec)
Evans Cycles
Lakeland (Next day delivery 23rd Mid Day)
The Body Shop (For Express Delivery:11:30am on Tuesday 22nd December)
[COLOR="Red"]19th December[/COLOR]
Marks & Spencer’s (for Hampers)

[COLOR="Red"]20th December[/COLOR]
Marks & Spencer’s (for the following – Clothing; homeware; beauty; wine) – available till 22nd for nominated delivery
Savile Row

[COLOR="Red"]21st December[/COLOR]
Graham and Green
Debenhams (Mid Day)
H Samuel (Next day delivery 23rd December)
Ernst Jones (Next day delivery 23rd December)

[COLOR="Red"]22nd December[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]23rd December[/COLOR]
F. Hinds Jewellers
Look Fantastic
Flying Flowers (by courier)
reserved for more dates
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Really helpful. Rep added.
crikey had better get a shift on

Every year Santas little helpers (the mods)

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Reported as self promo ;-) by the Hamsta :whistling: OHH whens Anne Summers last date - need some 'toys' for entertaining the missus :whistling:

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Great idea
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Request: can HotukDeals display a top-of-the-page countdown that counts down to these last order times?
If I was a half decent softy I'd do it for you but as I'm not can somebody else do it?
Very helpful, thank you
Very useful info, thanks for this. Makes you realise how little time you've got!
uhmmm not a deal really, more a reminder, you're not offering anyone a bargain price for goods or service so this isn't a deal and should therefore go in the misc section. Please move this thread to the correct area. Thanks, Matt
You lot don't half whine, it shouldn't be here it should be there, Louis Walsh would be proud lol
Thanks for pressing panic button:thumbsup:
doubt play will deliver by chrimbo on 21st, things for them always take nearly a week :-D
Just about done now :w00t::w00t:
I was wondering, what about last TIMES? I mean for example, last date to order from Tesco Entertainment is 18th December (today), but does that mean like before 3pm or something?

Reason I ask is I want to order something from Tesco Ent online now and need it in time for christmas...
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