lastminute up to 75% off sale
lastminute up to 75% off sale

lastminute up to 75% off sale

To see in the New Year, we're having a Clearance Sale with up to 75% off your favourite things from lastminute.com, from holidays to theatre tickets, to 50% off Hilton hotels. So take your pick of the bargains to kick off 2009 in style.


Usual rubbish. Entice you in with promises of great discounts then find they have none. I am fed up with LastMinute.

I checked this earlier as well and it's all the old carp at the same old prices.......I'm considering opting out of their emails since the last dozen emails have been the same offers with nothing to add.

Yes, same old last minute 'deal' discounts, can never find anything, seems I'm not the only one!

I'm trying to book something else that's not a part of the sale but the site keeps crashing......is this happening to anyone else?

LM.com sometimes have some real gems on offer. Sadly it is never, ever in a sale!!!
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