Later...With Jools Holland   -   free BBC TV tickets

Later...With Jools Holland - free BBC TV tickets

Found 20th Mar 2008
Later...With Jools Holland BBC Two, tickets available - apply online

You, the audience, will be a big part of the show now it is going live to air and would ask you to come and contribute to the atmosphere in the room, enjoy the unique and intimate setting and not be intimidated by the cameras or too cool to show your enthusiasm for the artists in the studio.

We and they would appreciate it.

To enter the Later... With Jools Holland random draw for spring 2008 series, phone lines are now open and will remain open until 5pm on Tuesday 25 March. No applications will be accepted after this date.

It doesn't matter when you apply as all successful applicants will be randomly drawn

In your application please provide all contact information including email and daytime contact number as you will be emailed if you are successful in the week preceeding the show date.

You may only register one application per household and apply for a maximum of 2 tickets. If you apply for more than one recording, BBC Studio Audiences will randomly select the one show you will be eligible for tickets for and process that application.

All audience members must be 18 years or older and proof of ID will be required to gain entry.

Please note that entering the random draw does not guarantee tickets and you will only by notified in the event that you are successful by email.

Good luck with your application.

All information is correct at time of publication.
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I've applied for tickets for my parents as they are big fans, only problem is they want you to state your age and the way the blurb is worded I think a couple of "swinging OAPs" might be unlucky!
So.... do we have to GUESS where this is to be recorded?
great find been dying to get to go live!!

So.... do we have to GUESS where this is to be recorded?

Venue: BBC Television Centre London
This is for various tuesdays in April & May and you can enter online
this offer has now expired.
Would be great to have an opportunity to do this show.
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