Latest ASOS SALE - (up to) 50% discounts

Latest ASOS SALE - (up to) 50% discounts

Found 3rd Apr 2007
Title says all you need to know.
50% discounts & you can usually use the discount codes floating around for better deals.
No cashbacks (Quidco, etc) that I've come accross.



Ahhh, i just bought a dress and a bag .... This impulse buying has to stop!! :w00t:

Thanks for posting Charlie!

site currently undergoing maintenance

site still undergoing maintenance

Ok for me. Thanks for this!!

and me

they used to do quidco

Just bought two lush tops! Thanks and voucher code VCARD2007 worked and gave 10% discount!:thumbsup:

what is quidco? I've heard it bantered about but clueless!

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what is quidco? I've heard it bantered about but clueless!

A cashback (co-operative) get varying degrees of cashback through accessing sites through their site. They get commission which they pass back to you in exchange for an annual £5 'Admin' charge. You can earn from a couple of % through to 10% cashback(or more in a few cases as well as a few exclusive offers from time to time) paid out monthly.
(Any further questions feel free to gimme a shout)

PS - Glad you could make use jolesharvey


Still no 20% vouchers about?

ARGH i hate that in sales they have no decent clothes in a regular size... almost makes me want to gain like 5 stone

Asos is a very popular site, shame they are not on quidco

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Forgot to credit Emmajk42 for the discount link in the OP & checking back through the posts I should apologise to Cat for putting temptation in her way!!!...if it wasn't me it would have been someone else!?!?



The voucher link above submitted by emmajk42 has expired however the other one works just fine for an extra 10% off already discounted prices.

paperclip id' have to lose five stone to be able to buy any of there clothes fancy a swap lol! great shoes and accessories though, thanks to OP.
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