Latest Costco Deals on TV's, Treadmills, Beers etc
Latest Costco Deals on TV's, Treadmills, Beers etc

Latest Costco Deals on TV's, Treadmills, Beers etc

Just received the latest money off offers for Costco - thought I would post a few on here and hopefully save someone some cash

They start on the 1st November.

Panasonic 42" Plasma TX-P42S20B £80 off so £516.99 inv vat (all tv's come with a 5yr free guarantee as well and this is a pretty good price even without one!)

Pansonic 32" LCD TX-L32U20B £50 off so £352.49 inc vat

Panasonic Bluray player DMPBD45ENK £20 off so £93.99 inc vat.

Nordictrack Treadmill T7 £100 so £587.49 inc vat

Fosters 15x440ml 35% so £6.64 inc vat

Dr Pepper/Fanta/Sprite variety 30 pack £1 off so £7.04

Listerine 4x500ml 25% off so £5.28 inc vat

Lanson Black Label 6 x 75cl £10 off so £102.21

Samsung Freezer RZ80EDMH/RZ80FDMH £30 off so £458.24

Samsung Fridge RR82EDMH/RR82FDMH £30 off so £434.74

20% off 4 fitted tyres in the Michelin Pilot Car,Energy,4x4,Taxi or Van Range (no price given but I had a quote for some a year or so ago and was cheaper than anywhere else without the 20%)

Rockstar Drink 12x500ml £2 off so £6.92 inc vat.

30% off all duracell batteries

Loads of other stuff on there as well, too much too mention to be honest but those above seemed decent and a variety to give an indication of whats on offer..



love costco especially the pizza
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Don't forget the worlds biggest jacket spud for £1.25 or so - that should be a deal in itself lol!!

Not forgetting the Veggie Lasagne

So without being a member is there anyway to know what their special offers are on at the moment? More looking at what video games and blurays are available

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Not without phoning a store or going into one.
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