Latest Game Price Reductions - Collect @ Comet

Latest Game Price Reductions - Collect @ Comet

Found 2nd Jul 2008
Latest price reductions.

ATV Offroad Fury 4 (PS2) £9.99 - (next cheapest £19.99)
Spongebob Atlantis (PS2) £4.99 - (next cheapest £12.93)
Buzz! The Pop Quiz (PS2) £9.99 - (next cheapest £15.98)
Super Paper Mario (Wii) £14.99 - (next cheapest £24.99)
Magic Made Fun (Nintendo DS) £9.99 - (next cheapest £12.99)
Lost (XBox 360) £9.99 - (next cheapest £12.93)
Mass Effect (XBox 360) £14.99 - (next cheapest £16.99)

Checked several places and most are available to collect at a fair number of stores - Guildford, Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead, Aberdeen, Greenwich, Croydon etc etc


good luck in getting these.

thanks for the effort, but comet/pc world/currys "deals" are all very hit and miss

i've stopped goinf to comet/pc world/currys for game deals. not worth petrol to find out games they have are full priced and deal games are sold out

Voted hot from me, considering picking up Paper Mario on the Wii as 2 branches near to me have them.

Why vote cold ? some of these deals can be had. It just depends on which stores have them, I read someone thinks it's a waste of petrol driving there, well why not phone...

had paper mario, spongebob & buzz pop quiz at my nearest store so reserved
also had who wants to be a millionare for £2.99 for the ps2 :thumbsup:
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