latest poundland specials
latest poundland specials

latest poundland specials

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i work at the poundland distribution centre and am keeping my eyes out for the latest great deals heading to your local poundland store.
they currently have 3 different cadbury selection packs,all just a £
also,look out for lucozade(small bottles,usually sell for 72p)..will be 2 for £1
i will continue to update every day(if pos),on the latest best buys.


Let us know if you find anything else for a £ at POUNDland. :thumbsup:

Lucozade 69p for 2 at wilkos, voted cold :giggle:

Nah i didnt really vote cold, but mhm.

Dont be discouraged, any hot deals at pound land then post them. I know alot o people were interested in the Apple ipod accessories a couple of months back.cheers. Hot and repped

how much does it cost?

Please post - I lurve Poundland :oops: LMAO tell me a bargain hunter that doesnt :whistling:

Hot and repped:thumbsup:

I found a Driving Theorey Test DVD at Poundland last week for a £1

Please post any details. A new Poundland opened in the next town to us about 2 weeks ago. I'm going today for the first time. I'll post any good bargains I find.

I bought 8 AA Sony batteries last night for the prinsely sum of £1 from poundland last night, which I thought was a good deal.
Also they have a selection of Hyundai batteries, some 3 for £1, and some are 1 pack for £1.
Should help with the batteries from all our bargains

why do people say " they only payed £1 for something at poundland " surley the name of the shop gives away the price . lol merry christmas to you all

The Cadbury selection boxes were 4 for £3.
Oh my god...I know more about Poundland than a Poundland employee :oops:

1p cheaper at 99p store

Thanks for taking the time to post. :santa: voted hot and rep left.

Great thanks! Added heat and also rep for the effort.
Like everyone that likes a bargain, I do pay a visit to my local Poundland every so often, and it's very difficult not to buy anything. There's always something interesting on sale, even if only your usual shampoo, shower gel or other toiletry for much cheaper than the supermarket next door.
Also a good supplier for candles, drinks and biscuits. Plus the occasional gadget...

Many thanks again!

mini dvd s and jvc dv in too card reader s

I just picked up the following:
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a163/jimmymac87/corry.jpgCoronation Street Interactive DVD Game
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a163/jimmymac87/emmerdale.jpgEmmerdale Interactive DVD Game

Do they have any universal adapters?

Original Poster

yeah,i know the 99p store undercuts poundland a lot.they often have exactly the same stuff and are pundlands main competitor.i only work in the warehouse and rarely ever go to the stores so don't know the exact deals every time.but the good news is that poundland DOES have a january sale,with many items at 2 for £1.

This video might be of interest to people shopping at pound shops:


Laptop security cables are a bargain, considering PC World want £17 for something very similar.

S c 0 TT y;1373130

This video might be of interest to people shopping at pound … This video might be of interest to people shopping at pound shops:http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=YZUKNcH9vZA

To be fair to Poundland they haven't sold no-brand batteries for a while and most of those they do, even Panasonics, Kodaks, etc, state they are low power versions for use in clocks & torches, not high power electronic gadgets.

I've seen some Duracell Batteries in my Poundland £1 for 4. I don't think they're rip-off. But i'd recommend a pack of Uniross Rechargeable Batteries. better than having to buy new batteries everytime, also it's easier on the enviroment

Home Bargains is much better imo

I go to PoundLand whenever I walk through Harrow (almost everyday!) and they always have really cheap techie stuff like blank CDs/DVDs and little things like mobile phone backup batteries, etc.

Their toys for kids are pretty bad quality though, everything else is cool

saw an emergency phone battery supply - good stocking filler and very slim and handy to keep in pocket/ purse , comes with emergency flash light!
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