Laurel & Hardy Vol 1 - Great Guns/ Jitterbug/ The Big Noise 3 DVD boxset 99p @ ChoicesUK
Laurel & Hardy Vol 1 - Great Guns/ Jitterbug/ The Big Noise 3 DVD boxset 99p @ ChoicesUK

Laurel & Hardy Vol 1 - Great Guns/ Jitterbug/ The Big Noise 3 DVD boxset 99p @ ChoicesUK

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Great price for this 3 disc set. Some of their later films, and not their best, but if you have the large 21 disc box set then you really need thisand volume 2 to complete your L&H collection - and for 99p you cant got wrong (unless they cancel it of course!)

This box set contains three classic movies of the legendary comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. 'In Great Guns' (1941), Stan and Ollie play a butler and chauffeur of wealthy young Dan Forrester (Dick Nelson). Tired of being pampered and coddled by his overprotective aunts, Dan is delighted when he is drafted into the Army. Stan and Ollie also don uniform and accompany Dan to US Cavalry training camp to make certain that no harm will befall their 'delicate' master. While the boys get mixed up in one disaster after another-at one point, Dan pursues a romance with photo-shop proprietor Ginger Hammond. Convinced that Ginger is a gold-digger, Stan and Ollie try to break up the romance, to no avail. 'Jitterbugs' (1943) is considered the best of the Laurel and Hardy projects filmed at Twentieth Century Fox. Stan and Ollie are stars of the Zoot Suit Band, who form an unlikely partnership with a genial con man (Bob Bailey) who allegedly can turn water into gasoline with an invented pill. When the trio joins a carnival, they meet Susan, a naive young singer (Vivian Blaine), whose mother has been swindled by fraudsters. Suddenly gallant, the three organise a sting operation, with Stan disguised as a wealthy elderly lady and Ollie as a rich Texan and aim to get the woman's money back. Although things don't go as planned, the inimitable comedy duo provides nonstop laughs from start to finish. In 'The Big Noise' 1944) Stan and Ollie play janitors of a detective agency who pose as super-sleuths and are hired to protect inventor Alva P. Hartley (Arthur Space). They move to his house which is loaded with crazy contraptions which entrap, baffle and bamboozle the protectors. Meanwhile Hartley's next door neighbors Charlton (Frank Fenton), Hartman (James Bush), Dutchy (Phil Van Zandt) and Mayme (Veda Ann Borg) reveal themselves as the biggest threat of all, a gang of crooks determined to get their hands on the inventor's deadly creation, a super-bomb called 'The Big Noise'. Stan and Ollie escape with the bomb to the War Department in Washington, D.C. just one step ahead of the criminals. Through a series of crazy misadventures, the heroic duo end up in a remote-controlled airplane, along with the bomb, and head straight for trouble.more..


Great deal..... out of stock now


Great deal..... out of stock now

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I found Laurel and Hardy older way better than they were in their Hal Roach talkie days only in the silents way better, I don't care what everybody said I'm a fan of Laurel and Hardy in their Fox era films because they were not the boys, they are really themselves I don't think the boys can never come close to the comic genius of Abbott and Costello (also love them both) but they are excellent in the later films for 20th Century Fox sadly it turned out to be six they made between 1941 and 1945 at this time, Can't wait for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to teamed up with The UCLA Film & Television Archive in order to digitally newly restored and remastered all six of Laurel and Hardy's 20th Century Fox B-pictures ready in the HD treatment we be all set for DVD and Blu-Ray can't wait for the silent films the boys did for Hal Roach getting theirs as well.
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