Lavazza dolce pods £1 in b&m

Lavazza dolce pods £1 in b&m

Found 12th Nov 2016
I was in my local b&m today and they had about 10 boxes of the dolce pods (light brown box) for £1 each. Usually about £4 a box! They didn't have any mark down stickers on, just a red price tag on the shelf so maybe a national deal? They're not on the site. Might be worth a check in your local and grab some.
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Thanks, I'll check my local tomorrow.
Which store? Also are these short dated?
good find op, heat added
It was in Blaydon, Newcastle. The date was 2018.
Wow just swapped to Nespresso from these, this is a bargain
best coffee machine by far and i can tell yer my wife has had them all but lavazza is the best.
Mind I've just bought a nespresso I find they have the best coffee for me. I thought lavazza has a strange taste but I know lots of people like it. Hope you's find some!
Saw these in home bargains last week but I think they were £2 in there

It was in Blaydon, Newcastle. The date was 2018.

​Great deal
£3.49 in my local today. May have to go back in and ask them to scan them.
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