Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee 3x250g for £4.99 at Sainsburys

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee 3x250g for £4.99 at Sainsburys

Found 13th Jul 2011
Excellent price for this multi pack of my favourite Lavazza coffee. Works out only £1.66 per 250g pack when Tesco and Waitrose are charging £2.89 per 250g.


that is a good offer, you normally get 2 for this price. I always buy Lavazza. Sometimes I pay £3 for one pack.

I clicked on the deal link but Sainsburies online are not showing this deal, only a 2 pack for £5.25. Is it a 2 pack with a free one included or a seperate 3 pack? Is it on an end aisle? I would love to buy this for me all singing all dancing coffee machine lol

Hi guys. Are these 'regular' coffee granules/powder that can be made using a kettle and some milk? Or do I need a machine?

It' proper coffee so you'll need a coffee machine, cafetiere or filter papers for it. It's gorgeous - you often find it served in restaurants

I saw this in morrisons at 2 for £4.50 last week, but don't know if it is still on. Works well in a plunger but also great from making an espresso in a machine. If you get over to Italy, it's worth picking this up mega cheap in supermarkets there in bulk packs, well that was last year anyway.

£5.25 for a twin pack at our Sainsburys today - no triple packs that I could see

I looked everywhere at my sainsburys for this but only 2 for £5.25, bit of a shame really, as it is nice coffee.
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