LavNav Nightlight 19.95 @ Gadgets.co.uk
LavNav Nightlight 19.95 @ Gadgets.co.uk

LavNav Nightlight 19.95 @ Gadgets.co.uk

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Bathroom lights can be painfully bright in the middle of the night. So why switch them on?..

When the seat is down, the LavNav shines a gentle green light across the seat. When the seat is up, the LavNav's shines a red light directly into the bowl.

Guys, is the girl in your life always complaining that she has to go paddling after you're been to the loo in the middle of the night? Does she moan when she falls into the toilet because you left the seat up during the evening?

Incorporating a nightlight, visual targeting system, and "Put the damned seat down!" reminder technology, the LavNav is a practical solution to those familiar issues.

The LavNav turns on when you approach in the dark, and turns off after you leave, shining gentle yet sufficient light where you need it, when you need it.

Better yet, the LavNav uses RED or GREEN light to cleverly show the position of the seat.

Already receiving great acclaim in the USA (see reviews below), we are proud to bring LavNav to the U.K.

"Missed targets at the toilet in the middle of the night may well be a perennial problem, but [LavNav] aims to ease the crisis with the latest in sensory technology."
Elisa Batista, Wired.com

"For every problem in this world I'm convinced that there's someone out there working on a solution. I'm happy to announce that one of those problems has been solved. No longer does anyone have to fumble in the dark to find ... the toilet."
Gary Krakow, Columnist, NBC

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not supplied).


lol!awesome idea...

what a load of crap!

Sh*t Hot :thumbsup:


voted hot, good idea.

HOT .......but i'd still miss! haha

good idea but about £15 too much , never pay £20 for this !!
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