Law for Small Businesses UK - For Dummies. Kindle Ed. Was £19.99 now £3.09

Law for Small Businesses UK - For Dummies. Kindle Ed. Was £19.99 now £3.09

Found 10th Jan 2017
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Your own in-house legal advisor—at a fraction of the cost

Written in plain-English for business people without any legal training, Law For Small Business For Dummies covers everything you need to be aware of regarding the law when you're starting and running your own business. Cutting through the jargon that can make even the pros scratch their heads, this book quickly gets you up-to-speed on the key areas of business law, including contracts, websites, intellectual property, data protection and partnership agreements. Plus, you'll find out how small business law applies to advertising and marketing, confidentiality agreements, the sale and supply of goods (including e-commerce), negligence and product liability.

There were 526,000 new businesses registered in the UK in 2013—and, at some point, all of them will be faced with legal risks that could make the difference between success and failure. One claim could wipe out a fledgling business' profits, and hit even big businesses harder than they could ever imagine. If you're the owner of a new business and need to get a handle on the ins and outs of small business law—and don't have the budget to employ an in-house legal advisor—this trusted, approachable guide is your answer.

Covers the laws surrounding the most common risks small businesses face

Addresses how to deal with legal issues before a potentially costly dispute arises

Provides access to handy sample contract templates on

Serves as your own in-house legal advisor—at a fraction of the cost

If you're an existing business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur thinking about starting your own business, Law For Small Business For Dummies gives you answers to questions you didn't even know to ask!

From the Back Cover

Learn to:

Protect your business from the most common risks small businesses face

Deal with issues before a dispute arises

Get access to handy contract templates

Manage contracts, data protection, partnership agreements, and more

Your own in–house legal advisor at your fingertips 24/7

Learning small business law doesn′t need to be a big hassle. This clear–cut guide provides the knowledge you need without confusing jargon or unnecessary details. From making sense of contracts to avoiding disputes before they arise and everything in between you′ll soon have answers to legal questions you didn′t even know to ask!

Do your due diligence start your small business on the right foot by confidently choosing your business framework, setting up its legal structure, finding a funding partner and closing the agreement

Mind your step in the legal minefield find out how to cook up a tasty contract with suppliers for products or services, play fair when contracting with customers and start international expansion

Protect what you own get savvy about safeguarding your intellectual properties, coping with workplace obligations to employees and accurately acquiring and exploiting software

Overcome pitfalls stay in business by snuffing or managing legal risks, winning and avoiding disputes, dealing with liquidation and banking against bankruptcy

Open the book and find:

What you need to know about being a sole trader

The ins and outs of operating as a limited company or running a partnership

No–nonsense explanations of funding formalities

How to deal with licenses and leases

The legal blueprint for growing your business

The top legal mistakes to avoid

Ten secrets of negotiation

What you should expect from your lawyer

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Clive Rich is a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator and negotiator. He is Chairman of LawBite, an online legal service providing ′Simple Law for Small Companies′ (
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