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Posted 3 September 2023

Lawn Core Hollow Tine Grass Aerator with Spare Tines with Non-Clog Slot for Compact Lawn Soil Sold by Jardineer FBA

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Cheapest ever price on camelcamelcamel (almost). It's getting to that time of year and appears to be a sturdy bit of kit.

About this item
  • 【Non-Clog Core Aerator - Open Slot to Slide Out Plug】- This core lawn aerator makes visible plugs with open tines, top slope design slides cores out of this hollow tine aerator automatically. Please water your lawn before aeration, if the soil is dry and hard to penetrate with the lawn core aerator.
  • 【Save Your Back & Money for Aeration Service】- This lawn aerator saves hundreds of aeration charge, recommend for small home lawn use. Steel construction makes this core aerator durable for years. 94cm hollow tine aerator makes aeration easy without back strain.
  • 【Upgarded No Crack Foot Plate - Penetrate Soil with One Tread】- This grass aerator garden has been upgraded with solid steel foot plate & anti-slip design, strongly bears your full weight to penetrate soil without breaking, maximize downward force of your body weight & keep body balance for safety.
  • 【Healthy Root System & Vigorous Lawn View】- This core lawn aerator break up compaction to retain nutrition and water deep to the root, thus vitalize grass root system. Aerate with this manual lawn aerator regularly to help to strengthen tolerance to drought and heat.
  • 【Spare Tines to Extend Aeration Life】 - This hollow tine aerator comes with spare tines to extend it's service life. Thus provide more value for you. Ship disassembled, this grass aerator garden comes with assembly instruction and tools. Order this hand plug aerator with confidence, we are always available fix any problem for you.

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How Much Water Needed?
  • Water the lawn to make soil a little damp, thus the tines can penetrate through.
  • Proper water volume (not too much) and make sure soil cores still keeps cylindric shape after watering to get out of tines.

Non-Clog Hollow Tine Aerator
  • Opened Tines (Visible Cores) + Slope Top Slide Out Soil Cores Automatically. Makes Aeration Easy without Clog!
  • Heat Processed Tines will not bend easily for durable use.

Easy Clean for Storage
  • After finishing aeration, push out the remaining soil with finger or screwdriver (Better with Gloves on to Protect)
  • Clean and wipe dry the lawn core aerator for storage.

Hot Tips!
This core lawn aerator is ideal for small home compact lawns, not recommend for large farm lawns.
  • Ship disassembled. Please assemble grass aerator with wrenches according to instruction. Please do not assemble it bare handed.
  • If the tines break off from the lawn aerator accidentally, please reach us through Amazon, we will get back the payment immediately.
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  1. Cooling_Deals's avatar
    These are only worth your time if your soil is already soft and loose (which means it's not required!); any other scenario, and you'll be breaking your back and clearing the holes every few minutes.

    Whilst not ideal, for small spaces, you're better off using a fork, shove it one, and pull back "slightly". Larger spaces and you really need to hire a machine
    SebK's avatar
    You should either water your garden before or do it after rain.

    If you have compacted soil and use fork you will worsen compaction I am afraid.
  2. thebodgehodge's avatar
    Seems like it will inevitably break from the real reviews
    L0L's avatar
    Verified reviews look good to me. Have soft clay so should be strong enough. Can't expect much for just over £15
  3. Trilly's avatar
    Bought in spring for £29.99 and does a decent enough job, recommend putting some oil in the tines and cleaning entirely when done (and wetting grass before strarting).

    Almost bought a spare at that price, mine is bending a little at the top that the spare tines aren't going to correct
  4. Amadan's avatar
    Think I paid around £30 for this in spring but no regrets. Its a good product that works well. My lawn is heavy clay and fairly large. Tackled it in short sessions over a few days and its made a real difference.

    Avoid at all cost the cheap ones with four or even five tines they are virtually impossible to sink into the ground and if you do manage to do so they clog instantly
    I have hired a mechanical one in the past but unless you have a van or trailer its a real job transporting them and a days hire is around £70
  5. urbanman's avatar
    Ty op. Always wanted one just put off by price of others. Worth a punt and anything has to be better than spike shoes!
  6. AstalaVista's avatar
    Thanks OP, ordered
  7. L0L's avatar
    Thanks ordered. Had one previously that ejected from the top and always blocked. Will try this instead.
    SebK's avatar
    I fixed this with 12mm metal drill bit. You may need 10mm depends of the size of the tines.
    No issues since then
  8. TommyGun001's avatar
    Ordered thanks op
  9. Pokey's avatar
    Use one of these, a different make, ordered a few years ago from US Amazon, on a large area of turfed garden of a 5 year old house. Soil is compact and clay heavy. It's a day's monotonous work, timed well in Autumn so the soil is a bit damper but not soaked. Takes a while for the cores to get blocked, but it's just a poke with a screwdriver every half hour to unblock. Moderate days work on my 'lawn', hardly back breaking. Made a massively noticeable difference to drainage over winters and probably helped the grass survive last year's scorch.
  10. fort's avatar
    Ordered and arrived earlier today. Managed to do my small lawn, no problem. Thanks
  11. amsmse's avatar
    Once you cored the holes then you need to fill them back up?
    SebK's avatar
  12. mattcheek's avatar
    Ordered one of these last week. Worked really well (after i gave the lawn a water) (edited)
  13. gavinbagnall's avatar
    I've got this and its good
  14. R0B's avatar
    Back up to 19.99
  15. countryboy1's avatar
    Just tried mine after it arrived earlier. Ground is ideal with the amount of rain we’ve had. Works really well! Thanks OP
  16. jaizan's avatar
    I've got one of those awful Draper ones with 5 hollow cores. These appear with various brands and are poor.
    After years of ignoring it, this year I cut 2 tines out with the angle grinder and tried waxing the inside of the hollow tines. That made the performance just about acceptable.

    I was tempted by this one @ £16.99, on the basis that I could test it within 30 days and return it when it breaks.
    Amadan's avatar
    It's gone up to £20 now but still IMO well worth it at that price . Really slices into clay and cores pop out easily.
    I've had no breakages and it comes with two spare tines
    There is really no comparison with the draper ones which like you I found to be utterly useless
  17. TommyGun001's avatar
    Yep, mine broke!
  18. urbanman's avatar
    Mine worked well. Watered the lawn well a day before (the bit of the lawn under a tree didn't get watered well and was inpenetrable!). It would be ideal if the removed soil cores could be left to dry in the sun for a day or two, but sadly weather didn't permit and I had to pick up by hand! Not doing that again, wait for period of sun, water well then core.
's avatar