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Posted 28 April 2024

Lawn Mowing Simulator Landmark Edition Nintendo Switch

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Lawn Mowing Simulator Landmark Edition
Dive into the meticulously detailed world of Lawn Mowing Simulator and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the British countryside. Get ready to hop onto real-world licensed lawn mowers by renowned manufacturers like Toro, SCAG, STIGA, and EGO as you skillfully navigate the challenges of running your own landscaping empire and tame lawns all over Great Britain. The thrill of the mow awaits!

Set in the heart of a quaint British countryside town, Lawn Mowing Simulator invites you to explore a variety of enchanting locales.

To keep the gameplay as physically authentic as possible, this simulation game involves much more than just hopping onto a lawn mower and going for it. Ground checks, the proper choice of blade height as well as monitoring your engine load are all part of your daily mowing business. In addition, attachments such as mulching kits, stripe rollers, recyclers, grass collectors, and flail decks contribute further to the high degree of realism. So choose between Career Mode, Free Mode, and Challenge Mode and tackle a variety of contracts giving you a realistic lawn mowing experience.

Set in the heart of a quaint British countryside town, Lawn Mowing Simulator invites you to explore a variety of enchanting locales. Whether your contracts take you to residential streets bustling with life, charming cottage greens, historic castle grounds, or huge equestrian fields, each map poses a distinct challenge for your mowing prowess. Unleash your skills across these diverse landscapes, transforming them into manicured canvases with the rhythmic hum of your trusty mowing blades.

The original licensed lawn mower brands of Toro, SCAG, STIGA, and EGO have been re-created in a visually and physically stunning way. Select from a dozen mowers, each presenting unique challenges, attachments, and upgrades for an immersive and realistic experience.

Dino Safari DLC
In 1994, Dino Safari opened its doors to exhibit some of history's most fascinating creatures to the public: dinosaurs! Tend to their four enclosures by keeping the grassy areas nicely cut so that these living fossils experience the highest quality of living. Do you have the guts to take on this challenge?

Ancient Britain DLC
Britain’s finest Ancient sites are in need of a trim! This is why you need to take action and care for the lawns of four places of cultural significance in Britain. But be careful not to cause any damage, as even the smallest accidents will entail fines!

Build your own lawncare business from the ground up. Purchase and upgrade your headquarters, hire employees, purchase advertising, and balance the books as you grow and expand your business.
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  1. MrAlbert's avatar
    You can't beat the original Advanced Lawnmower Simulator on the Speccy. (edited)
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    Haha. You’ve earned yourself a corned beef sandwich.(y)
  2. Dyslexic_Dog's avatar
    Don't waste money on a simulator, if you're into cutting grass I've got loads you can cut for free.
    P.S. Not the herbal variety. (edited)
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    The "Watching paint dry" one would be epic .
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