Lay-Z-Spa £299.99 @ Argos

Lay-Z-Spa £299.99 @ Argos

£299.99Argos Deals
Found 9th Apr 2010
Great Price, ideal with summer coming. Anyone have one, are they any good and running cost wise, cheap, expensive?
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i have one mate, there not cheap at all to run about £2.00per day and thats when no one is in it...
yep you have to factor in the chemicals i have a 12ft intex pool and thats not cheap either
Been that price for a long time
Not a cheap price - we bought ours about 3 years ago and paid about £250 for it. I think it was from - there was an order code floating about. I suggest having a search around if you are interested in buying.

Ours doesn't seem to cost too much to run, however we'll turn the heat off when not needing it and just keep the water pumping. Chemicals are around £10 per "tub" however we are still on our first of the ph plus and minus - we seem to use more of the dipsticks and the chlorine.
sorry i should have added, if you want one its a great buy though, as it can be put away when done and works well, and nice and hot
why cold, can this be bought cheaper

why cold, can this be bought cheaper

seen it for £250 somewhere when i checked but didn't look into delivery etc
i bought the one that is a 6 person one alot bigger than this in the sale about 18 months ago in the catalogue and used a further 20% off and got it for £300 so no this is not cheap at all.
I can't understand why people are so surprised these cost alot to run....
You are effectively keeping a kettle boiling for about 1/3 of the day just to keep these up to temperature. Then there's the chemicals and the cost of it pumping/bubbling whilst you are in it.
A few friends of mine went out and bought big 6 person ones costing over 5k , they are all empty in the gardens now and unused - they cost roughly £25 per week (all in) to run apparently.
It looks like a birthing pool - lol!:p
cheaper at homebase this weekend, £299, minus 15% discount till sunday.
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