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Posted 8 September 2022

Bestway Vegas Lay-Z-spa - £100 instore @ B&M (Bournemouth)

In store: Southampton · B&M Deals
Shared by savvysaver87
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Lots of their summer and garden range are heavily discounted at the moment so worth a look in your local store

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    If you find one make sure you register warranty within 28 days I think to get extended warranty.

    This model has a very common weakness where the liner tears behind the bubble curtain. I found out after buying last summer and despite being very sparing in using bubbles mine got this last month. Fortunately I had free extended warranty as was just over the year and they replaced the liner fairly quickly.

    Would advise another model if any choice but at £100 worth a shot if you can afford to heat it.

    Cost to run: I found on a test in summer it took about 1.5kwh for every degree Celsius to heat up from cold and you want it about 38-40 degrees when using. With a thermal cover added it was losing 3 degrees (summer Scotland) overnight from hottest so if you wanted to keep it ready for anytime would cost 4.5kwh electricity per day and that will rise colder it gets.

    You would also need chemical and test strips which don’t come with it so you could easily spend same amount again on thermal cover and these. (edited)
    Thanks for the great advice!
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    I bought the hawaii one at Cardiff Newport road b&ms today for £100, they also had miami for £100 and a bigger (6-8) lazyspa for £200 if this helps anyone local
    Perfect. Not far from me
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    Would this be available in all stores?
    Specifically Birmingham?
    The price will be the same in all stores but depends which stores still have stock left. Essentially they are clearing all their summer range so a number of items have heavy discounts. Worth checking in you local store and using their B&M scanner app
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    Nothing in Tower Park Poole
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    Great deal. I checked at Liverpool switch Island , Kirkby , Belle Vale & Hunts Cross but there were none to be had (edited)
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    Madness. I know we can all barely afford to run one of these anymore but it's mind blowing that I can remember being grateful to get one of these for £475 a couple of years ago!
    Well its better buying it at that price and being able to afford run it, than buying it for cheaper and having it in a box.... unless you wanna shift it on eBay.
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    These should be free as part of govt support package
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    Well done on your first deal @savvysaver87 🔥
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    Il bite at £99.99
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    Great price, we used ours as a swimming/cool tub this year. It was nice to just sit in to cool down. 🆒
    yep, its actually been a cheap year to run one! Kids asked for it to be turned right down. (edited)
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    I thought I'll try my local B&M in case they have any reduced. There were 4 (2 Paris + 2 Miami) in the cordoned off area. Asked a staff member - she said she'd bought all of them, there was only 1 Miami left for sale in a corner of the store hidden under some merchandising stuff reduced to £100 from £200 last week. I grabbed it with both hands. Great success!
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    All those voted hot are surly still on an old energy tariff
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    Great post! Surely this will be HOT!
    Heat added
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    Great price. Only thing though It probably costs less to buy than run the thing per week. We had the Paris version and that was costing us £5 a day to run, double to triple that now I reckon.
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    I sold a second hand one of these on ebay 2 years ago for £600!
    Most of us did in the covid demand.
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    Super cheap
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    1st deal? Woowzer! Congratulations super hot!
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    From the picture, the family in the spa don't appear to have legs.
    There just underwater fella
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    Need one for this price delivered and I'll be happy!
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    Hi. Whats the item number pls?
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    Good deal, heat and bubbles added
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    Alot of lazy spa on sale on the official website too
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    might have to pop over and see about getting one now - for that price its worth buying and storing til next summer!
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    Do these have to be kept with power all the time or can they just be switched on when you wish to use them
    They can be left off for part of day although ideally filter should be running all the time. Some folk with cheap overnight electricity mainly put on then and other way round for solar or if they need a window open for the cable.

    Water needs checked every few days even if not using as need to keep chemical and chlorine levels correct if plan to use same water. (edited)
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    Quick question
    Can u run this in the bathroom on the floor
    Disposing of the water would be my only concern. You'd have to buy a pondi pump to extract it unless you did it manually
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    Has anybody tried merry hill or Dudley? Thanks
    Anyluck? I live Wordsley but never got round to it!
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    And the same p/w to run it
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    Moving in October and will have a yard/patio... Tempted.
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    Welcome @savvysaver87 great find. Thanks for posting!
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    Confirmed none in stock at March, Cambs. Hth.
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    Got the Hawaii for £220 and thought that was good! Although I’ve spent a fair bit more making a wooden surround for it going to hook it up to a tankless 36kwh gas water heater and bypass the electric heater. The electric heater in these is good for just over 1c/hour where as a gas water heater will manage nearly ~10c/hour and be cheaper in the long run.
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    All the people who got plastic straws banned had one of these in the back garden until the electric prices went up. Now you see them in laybuuys like unwanted puppies the middle class daughter refused to walk after a month.
    The argument was against single use plastics, next you'll demand we use leather in cars instead of plastic.
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    I bought a similar one 2 years ago and just found it to eventually be a pain as you have to look after the water daily with chemicals and make sure it's clean everytime you go in and finish. Even then the water started to look grim after a few days.
    You have to use quite a lot of chlorine to shock it first, let the chemicals and pH settle then balance the pH. After each use dose with chlorine and pump the water round the filter for 6hrs after use. Then clean the filter through a tap. I managed 2 months before it went cloudy. (edited)
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    Be cheaper to get a membership for a spa than run one of these puppies
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    Sperm tubs, clothes optional
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    Not in stock Wolverhampton
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    Wow. I paid £300 for this 18 months ago.
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    apart from the dropstitch are the other lay z spa hot tubs all of the same quality but just different features and sizes