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Lay z spa Vegas £271.99 at homebase
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Lay z spa Vegas £271.99 at homebase

Posted 27th Jun 2015
Homebase already have the spa on offer and then the extra 15% off brings it down to £271.99 cheapest I could find. Reserve and collect only (2% quid co available)
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If you truely are Lazy, these are a nightmare to maintain.
It should be called active spa because it's such a mental burden messing about with the chrlorine and don't even get me started on when you want to pack away....
Hot though
We have one, it's superb still after 5 years and it's simple to look after. Just keep on top of the chlorine and it will look after itself.
Can you just use a float with two chlorine tablets in?

Can you just use a float with two chlorine tablets in?

There is a float but you still need to add other stuff too, I had 3 different jars of stuff with mine.
Didn't use it enough to bother.

I've now got chickens who are about as much work as this is to maintain but have bought joy to my life.

I simply fill the bath a little higher, eat loads of cabbage and get someone to use a power drill upstairs to relive the experience of lazy spa.
On the outside it looks like 4 paddling pools stacked up.
It happened with me too Asda has system issue they admitted they authorised
It happened me too Asda ripping people off, they admitted about funny prices
Great price
These are brilliant, but they are high maintenance.

These are brilliant, but they are high maintenance.

I'm pleased someone says this.
I think they're brilliant too...but the maintenance is a real chore and if it's not used for a period of time it feels like you've got a stranger on your land with free lodgings being given b&b service.
They should make a "bone-idle-spa", would give that another go.
Picked one up, great price
Wait until August and you'll be able to get one of these for around £200. hotukdeals.com/dea…957

Wait until August and you'll be able to get one of these for around £200. … Wait until August and you'll be able to get one of these for around £200. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/bestway-lay-z-spa-vegas-only-203-99-homebase-1940957

No guarantee that an offer from last year will be repeated.
They do usually sell them off towards the end of the season, but of course, there's no guarantee.
Thanks. Mine is up and at 38 degrees already. Easy to set up.
Hot! Reserved!
Bagged the last one in the north of England :-) Cheers.

Those who've got/had these, what's the advice on where to get the chemicals please ?
Called a Lazy Spa, but not really designed for fatties. Oh, the irony!
Uh-oh ! Just received a text and email saying there's a problem with my order :-( Store closed so I guess tomorrow morning I'll be getting bad news :-(
Got one yesterday and half filled it from the hot tap to get it up to 40 degrees in an hour. Picked up the chemical starter pack at the same time at Homebase and the PH level is now spot on just in time for the sunshine!!
Looks like most are out of stock now. Got the Miami version from Argos the other week for £299 so this seems a good deal. Just need to top up the chlorine every day and I jet the filter with a hosepipe to give it a quick clean, takes about 5 mins each day but well worth it. Didn't think this would compare with a hot tub at more than 20 times the price but it comes very close.
HB kirkcaldy had two left when I went to pick up our one yesterday evening.
also plenty of the Treatment kits.
In stock in Cardiff ty glas road was about 4 there an hour ago
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