Lay-z-spa vegas £399 Toymaster

Lay-z-spa vegas £399 Toymaster

Found 12th Aug 2013
These seem to be as rare as unicorn pooh at the moment at this price. Have been looking for a while and they go like hot cakes. Hope it saves someone some time trolling the net.
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Homebase do this deal most the time, also the range so I wouldn't be voting hot I'm afraid.
Heated for trolling.
New user, first post, reeks of self promotion.

New user, first post, reeks of self promotion.

Could be right. Only 99p more here:…ACw - also faster website and more information. Only took about 5 seconds trolling the net....

These are always on sale in Argos for £299
Bought one of these in April when they had a 15% off weekend at home base. Got it for £280 so cold from me.
Allgarden fun are awaiting stock! There is nowhere that has stock at a cheaper price that was the whole point!! Yes it has been cheaper elsewhere but that doesn't really help if its not available does it?
I imagine this is the reason people don't buy inflatable cars. If I'm buying an inflatable anything I'm sure as hell not going to spend this much money on it!
£249.99 in the studio catalogue 80% off sale today
Good fun for all, ours is much better than our expectation
Electricity companies best friend?!
Only takes 8 hours to heat up. Times like these makes me wish I spent that bit more for a bubble jet bath
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