Layer Cake DVD 99P Stores

Layer Cake DVD 99P Stores

Found 24th Apr 2010Made hot 24th Apr 2010
I just picked up the 1 disc DVD of Layer Cake in the 99p Store in Slough.

They had plenty of stock which could imply it's a nationwide deal not just store specific


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For those that don't know the film (where have you been! ;-) )

Here's the ]IMBD Link

Film is ace but wouldn't buy now it's on tv every so often but great deal for those wanna buy it.

Was on tv only a few weeks ago, and watched for the first time having never got round to seeing it before.......amazing film, now cult status, and worth 99p of anyones money if you collect films/dvd's. And that ending...........:w00t:

This movie rocks my socks. id buy it for a backup if i saw it

Flaming hot for 99p..:thumbsup:
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