Layer Cake / Snatch 2 DVD boxset ONLY £3.99
Layer Cake / Snatch 2 DVD boxset ONLY £3.99

Layer Cake / Snatch 2 DVD boxset ONLY £3.99

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As its title suggests, Layer Cake is a crime thriller that cuts into several levels of its treacherous criminal underworld. The title is actually one character's definition of the drug-trade hierarchy, but it's also an apt metaphor for the separate layers of deception, death, and betrayal experienced by the film's unnamed protagonist, a cocaine traffic middle-man played with smooth appeal by Daniel Craig (whom you probably don't need reminding is the latest James Bond).

Snatch, the follow-up to the Guy Ritchie's breakthrough film--the high-energy, expletive-strewn cockney-gangster movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels--hardly breaks new ground being, well, another high-energy, expletive-strewn cockney-gangster movie. Okay, so there are some differences. This time around our low-rent hoodlums are battling over dodgy fights and stolen diamonds rather than dodgy card games and stolen drugs. There has been some minor reshuffling of the cast too with Sting and Dexter Fletcher making way for the more bankable Benicio Del Toro and Brad Pitt, the latter pretty much stealing the whole shebang as an incomprehensible Irish gypsy.

£3.99 it's no joke. I couldn't believe it either. Both films are british gangster flicks at their very best!

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Can't find it on the site.

Do you have a direct link to it.

Same, link is just for the site

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Strange. Click 'Go to deal' button. It is a direct link. Strange though cos I just tried it (doesnt work), then tried searching it on blahdvd (nothing), then clicked through to it from find-dvd.co.uk (goes to home page).

Either it's sold out (that was quick) or a minor glich and I'd try again alittle later.

gone.. I guess

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clicked link from here and also goes to home page.
It's been removed from blahdvd.

Hopefully its temporarily removed only.

My link should work if it does come back available. Sorry.

Its the usual case with bladvd.. When the item is sold out the link disappears

freeDUMB that link work?

Works ok, but shows price at £6.99

EDIT. wont let you order it, just goes back to home page if you try

I'm glad I got in on this when I got Labyrinth/Dark Crystal/Mirrormask earlier!

Back @ 3.99

Ordered thanks :thumbsup:

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yes it's back as i predicted.

my deal link does work.

please do leave me rep and rate my post hot.
much appreciated.

nice thankes for the tip

The price is at £4.99 now, it kind of changed when i was placing my orders,

Mother **$E£$£ ;D

Same happened to me, keep an eye an these tho as they are rotating the prices every 10 mins or so, Zathura and Jumanji box set was also 3.99 just now but its gone up again, and the vamires triple is currently at 4 quid.

£9.99 now

£9.99 now

its now £9.99 offer must be finished

They probably had over stock so put it in the Spring Clearout sale to lower the numbers.

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Mirrormask / Labyrinth / Dark Crystal (Box Set) is up to £14.99 from £3.99

Layer Cake / snatch (Box Set) is up to £9.99 from £3.99

Just goes to show how web retailers automatically put up prices when demand increases.
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