Layer Cake / Snatch / Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (3 Disc DVD Boxset) £5.16 + Free Delivery @ Select Cheaper

Layer Cake / Snatch / Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (3 Disc DVD Boxset) £5.16 + Free Delivery @ Select Cheaper

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Layer Cake:
Based upon JJ Connelly's London crime novel, 'Layer Cake' is about a successful cocaine dealer (Daniel Craig) who has earned a respected place among England's Mafia elite and plans an early retirement from the business. However, big boss Jimmy Price (Cranham) hands down a tough assignment: find Charlotte Ryder, the missing rich princess daughter of Jimmy's old pal Edward (Gambon), a powerful construction business player and gossip papers socialite. Complicating matters are two million pounds' worth of Grade A ecstasy, a brutal neo-Nazi sect and a whole series of double crossings...

The title 'Layer Cake' refers to the layers or levels the dealer has to go through as he painstakingly plots his own escape. What is revealed is a modern underworld where the rules have changed. There are no 'codes' or 'families' and respect lasts as long as a line. Not knowing who he can trust, he has to use all his 'savvy', 'telling' and skills which make him one of the best, to escape his own. The ultimate last job, a love interest called Tammy and an international drugs ring, threaten to draw him back into the 'cake mix'. But, time is running out and the penalty will endure a lifetime..

(Dir. Matthew Vaughn, 2004)

In the heart of gangland, two novice unlicensed boxing promoters, Turkish (Jason Statham) and Tommy (Stephen Graham) get roped into organising a bare-knuckled fight with local kingpin villain and fellow boxing promoter Brick Top (Alan Ford). But it all goes wrong when Brick Top's fighter, who is rigged to win, is suddenly knocked out by the boys' wildcard Irish gypsy boxer, One Punch Mickey O'Neil (Brad Pitt). Unfortunately things go from bad to worse as Mickey starts playing by his own rules and the duo find they are heading for a whole lot of trouble.

Meanwhile en route to New York to deliver a stolen 84-carat diamond to head honcho Avi (Dennis Farina), Franky Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro) is robbed of the stone. Forced to jump on the next plane to London, Avi is by no means pleased. He hires local legend Bullet Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones) to find Franky and the diamond. The hunt for the missing stone launches everyone into a spiral of double-crossing vendettas as different parties pursue personal agendas, some of them farcical, most of them illegal and all of them destined to spin completely out of control...

(Dir. Guy Ritchie, 2000)

A disgrace to criminals everywhere.

Streetwise charmer and cardshark Eddy (Nick Moran) walks into the biggest card game of his life carrying a stake backed by the life-savings of his three best mates, Tom (Jason Flemying), Bacon (Jason Statham) and Soap (Dexter Fletcher). Eddy is the sharpest player on the circuit but the game is set-up, and Eddy leaves owing underworld boss "Hatchet" Harry (P.H. Moriarty) half a million. Harry gives Eddy a week to come up with the money before he starts taking fingers as collateral. Eddy's dad, JD (Sting) can cancel the debt by handing over his bar, lock, stock, and barrel to his old adversary, Harry, JD refuses to give in, feeling his street-tough son can get himself out of his own messes. So, while Harry sends a couple of petty crooks to steal a pair of antique shotguns to add to his collection, Eddy and his mates plan a caper that will enable them to pay off Harry and make out like bandits! In a comedy of errors, and a helter-skelter ride through London's gangland, the guns, cash, drugs and identities become all mixed up as a full complement of London's lowlife get involved in a melee which even their menace can't handle.

(Dir. Guy Ritchie, 1998)


Looks good to me!!!

shame as ive got all these seperately, superb collection, watched lock stock on telly last night.


shame as ive got all these seperately, superb collection, watched lock … shame as ive got all these seperately, superb collection, watched lock stock on telly last night.

Ditto, watched it last night, forgot how good it was!

"Aaah I've been shot!"

"Look, can everyone stop getting shot!"

Which also reminded me of that line being sampled by those wanna be bad boy garage group from the 90's Oxide and Nutrino think it was the track they released that sampled the Casualty theme music (bound for da reload or something!) :-D

I've just spent 120 quid on me hair. If you think I’m puttin a stockin over me head you're very much mistaken :lol:

it's been emotional ................

voted hot!! also watched lastnight,great film!! 'If u dont want to be counting the fingers,you haven't got,i suggest you get those guns!! QUICK!! ...... love it!!

No stock.

I got this set for £3.99 in Morrisson's!


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order cancelled though was showing in stock !!! will never order from these jokers...
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