Laying Dogs (cuddly toy) 75% off - £3.74 @ Tesco !

Laying Dogs (cuddly toy) 75% off - £3.74 @ Tesco !

Found 25th May 2007
Cute cuddly teddy was £14.97 down to £3.74

3 styles available

great for kids

even cheaper with some vouchers especially if order made to a tenner


Damn..I thought this was a Betfair system :lol:

I've laid enough dogs, sorry. No really, I'm sorry.

They look really good, pity you cant choose which one you want

My god! That's the most relaxed looking dog i've ever seen!

Colours or styles may vary.

Catalogue number: 100-7728

Still around... thanks for the reminder suze

[SIZE=2]These are huge enough for a toddler to sit on as a stool type of thing,these were around Tesco at Christmas,ours were stacked high on a pallet and someone had put the top 2 dogs in a :oops: well lets say a very funny position,if you get my drift :giggle: it was so funny watching people take second looks at them,then burst out laughing......nothing to do with staff of course :whistling: :giggle: [/SIZE]
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