lay's PERMIUM POTATO CHIPS -- £0.72 @ Tesco

lay's PERMIUM POTATO CHIPS -- £0.72 @ Tesco

Found 4th Mar 2009
THAI SWeet CHILLI,Roast chicken and other
72p at 150g pACKET

forgot what is orginal price,but i think is 1/2 of the orginal price

got it instore



Oh sorry PREMIUM

Are they any good?

Aren't Lays called Walkers over here in Blighty?


Aren't Lays called Walkers over here in Blighty?

Walkers and Frito-Lay are both owned by Pepsi co.

Frito-Lays that are ubiquitous in every American Kwik-E-Mart and liquor store are quite different though. I prefer Salt and Vinegar by Walkers.

There's nothing premium about Lays, it's marketing bull.

had a look on tesco online still seem to be branded walkers, but they are still 72p. thought for a minute the walkers brand was being phased out

lays = russian walkers (from the 'inserts' i see when packing out crisps some nights!)

Hope Tesco's aren't sourcing their walker's from russia now then!!

home bargains have them for 45p

What the hell?!

Tesco wouldn't sell Lays.
It's Walkers over here.

What on earths all that about in the title?!

I'm sure I saw these in Home Bargains for 49p
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