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Lazy spa Madrid 4 person air jet - £149 Delivered @ Ultimate Outdoors

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Posted 14th Jun 2022 (Posted 13 h, 38 m ago)

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

I went to store today in Skipton and they said they are having a clearance and once they are gone they are gone so thought it worth a post as Tesco a more expensive and so are b and q

With a mosaic print pool liner and 2-level massage regulation, you will be in hot tub paradise in this Madrid AirJet from Lay-Z Spa.

Since you can programme the heater for up to 40 days in advance of its use, sitting in this jacuzzi will feel like an exotic mini break!

Capacity: 2-4 adults
Water Capacity (80%): 669 L (177 gal.)
Inflated Size: 1.80 m x 66 cm (71" x 26")
Actual Water Flow: 1,325 L/h (350 gal./h)
Heating System: Approx.1.5-2.0˚C/h (3-4˚F/h)
Max. Heat Capability: 40˚C (104˚F)
Maximum water depth: 52 cm (20")
Inflated walls are made of DuraPlus™ material
Inner PVC Beams
AirJet™ system (120 jets)
Mosaic print pool liner
Automatic timer-controlled heating system
Integrated water filtration system
Soothing massage experience
2-level massage regulation
Reinforced cover with safety lock clips and built-in air chamber for insulation
Easy-lift handles
Fast, easy setup - just inflate using the spa's pump
Additional exhaust fitting expedites deflation when preparing for storage
Built-in Wi-Fi module, spa can be controlled through a phone app
Digitally controlled pump with flip-up control panel
Freeze Shield™ automatic heating function - heating starts at 6˚C (42˚F), and stops at 10˚C (50˚F) to prevent water from freezing
Program the spa heater up to 40 days in advance for future use
Pump is supplied with a Residual Current Device (RCD) - rated residual operating current not exceeding 10mA
Grounding Fault Detection system enabled in order to provide enhanced user safety
ChemConnect™ dispenser
No tools required
Airjet™ Wi-Fi spa pump & digital control panel
Quick inflation/deflation screw valve
Drain pipe
Warranty information: 2 years
1 spa, 1 pool cover, 1 spa pump, filter cartridge (VI), 1 ChemConnect™ dispenser, repair patch, AirJet™ system

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  1. Avatar
    10.2% TopCashback too
    Wish I've had seen your message quicker
  2. Avatar
    Waiting for the electric bill comments! 🤪
    Talking of which, my bill before the crash was £96 a month for both Gas and Electric. I moved as I do every year and saved a couple fo quid, the company I moved to then went bust like many others and I got moved to Shell. Here's the latest change...

    So from £96 a month to this... There you have my moan
  3. Avatar
    These are getting so cheap due to the electricity cost crisis they are going to be giving them away with mobile phone contracts soon.
    Octopus hot tub tariff coming soon. Get a text between 01:30 and 04:30 when you can heat it up
    to be fair with the heat today, we heated ours to 20C and the kids were pretty happy with that when it was 23C outside.
  4. Avatar
    £149 Delivered is a great price. I'll treat the missus to a bubbly cold bath in the garden

    Replying to

    I have Cine film of myself and my cousins running around in underpants / Knickers under a 1970's shower and we also swam in 1970#s Butlins pools, Surely Global warming has made things better (I'm on my Knees covering my eyes crying "Whyy........" (Butlins pools probably stopped my testicles from ever reaching full power)
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    Maybe a worthy tip for some but when I got my HT 5 years ago I installed an outside hot tap and fill it direct from that every morning I want to use it that day. Have never used the heater for heat , just for the bubbles , then empty and repeat for the days you want to use , result a clean , No chlorine, HOT hot tub for every use.
  6. Avatar
    Leaving it on constantly will cost a fortune, if you just heat it up on a Saturday for example it will cost around £10 to heat and maintain for the weekend and that's based on a 6 person that I have. Leaving it on heat constantly is a false economy, trust me i've tried it. You have to think of it as having that facility for the weekend, and I would easily blow 10 quid on something else, to be honest easily a hundred taking the kids out for the day.

    Second you could build a DIY solar setup using a lot of black hose a pump and a solar panel to power it. I have built 2 and as long as it's sunny the water going back into the tub is a constant 5 degrees celcius warmer, heats it up fairly quick. I've had that running for 3 years so I only use electric to top the temperature up on occasion.

    Just to note people, these are not hot tubs, they are big paddling pools with a heater and bubble machine strapped to the side. They are noisy, inefficient and not particularly designed for sitting in. But at the end of the day you are paying only a few hundred quid for something that usually costs a few thousand. My kids love it and for me that's what I got it for. (edited)
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    Thank god for Wim Hof on TV this year, my missus is convinced Cold is the way forward (Weekends of Course I shall be using it on full power). Something wrong here though. Won't send the email to "activate my account", no order number received etc. Never trust things where the basics don't work. I think these may get cancelled
    Found mine in Junk
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    ultimate outdoors is a sister company of millets - these hot tubs are £305 on millets website so if you dont believe the £700 before price - think of it as half millets retail price - im happy so ordered 1

    lower cashback on quidco but tracked at £9.31 (edited)
    Do a cashback match sorted
  9. Avatar
    I’m new to claiming cash back and bought this through Quidco. They are tracking it with a Purchase Amount: £103.48. Is this normal?
    same with topcashback 5 Jun 2022 £103.48 £11.38
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    Tempted to get one as an investment for if energy prices improve .
    Thats what ive done, will keep it in the box until the prices improve
  11. Avatar
    Maybe worth getting one at my fixed tariff.

    Replying to

  12. Avatar
    We have one of these - its staying in storage this year - too expensive to run. :-D

    Local B&Q trying to flog these off at great discounts, I wonder why?
  13. Avatar
    What other bits would be needed to get this up & running please?, as thinking of buying one.
  14. Avatar
    Can someone explain to me why I’ve just bought 2 of these for lictually no reason at all I only have a yard and don’t have a garden I’ve used this website for over 10 years and I lictually can’t help me self it’s an addiction
  15. Avatar
    I’ve had one for the last year and since the recent energy hikes, it became uneconomical to run. It was costing upto £7 per/day to keep it filtering and maintaining temperature. We did have the bigger St Moritz Hot tub. (edited)
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    If your sensible you could just turn it on on Thursday night so it's ready for Friday Saturday Sunday. Make sure the lid is on, maybe add some extra insulation.
  17. Avatar
    Just run the bubble jet and keep the heat off, you don't really need it in summer I personally find... (edited)
    What we set ours at 38 and feel like getting out after 30 minutes because you get used to the temp and then it drops slightly and doesn't feel as nice when you're just sitting still.
    I couldn't imagine going in without heat, freezing
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    I'm loving these bargain hot tub prices cos I'm still paying octopus 13p /kWh and 5p/kWh between 20:30 and 00:30 and that's till Jan next year so I've at least got some reasonably priced hot tubbing to do for the rest of this year
    Still no emails....
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    I'm looking for one of these to dump in my staffie turd ridden back garden to go alongside my algae covered trampoline.
  20. Avatar
    Does the heating need to be on all the time. Im on octopus go 5p for 4 hours a night. Would this be enough?
    No, as long as you keep the chemicals topped up its fine not running. I have an EV tariff so I stick ours on for the 4 hours each night to get the cheap rate and then just top up when in use. Adding another insulated cover too and it saves a fortune in running costs.
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    Ok so I've now got a bit of a dilemma, I ordered the lay z spa st lucia from B&Q for £179 and am supposed to be picking it up from the store tonight and setting it up ready for the weekend. Obviously if this deal comes through I don't want the B&Q st lucia one but who knows whether this deal will be honoured and it will actually arrive and when?
    I rang them this morning, to be fair I got straight through to someone to talk to which is always a good sign, they checked and said the order had gone through and sent me an email confirming that but I still can't login to the account I created as I aren't receiving the email verification they send to activate the account so I can't track the order at all. They said I'd get an email when it's despatched but given I haven't received any other emails so far it seems there's a fair chance I won't receive that either. So I guess I just need to sit on the B&Q one and wait to see if this one gets delivered so I can take the B&Q one back if it is. Frustrating cos I was looking forward to getting it set up in time for the weekend really but if this order comes through it's a no brainer to keep this instead. Think I've got 7 days to collect the B&Q one so might just leave that and see if I get a despatch email, can anyone that ordered one of these last night let me know if you get a despatch email please so I can ring them and chase mine up if I don't. Thanks
    I ordered last night and had texts to say my order is progressing through the warehouse 🙌🏼
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    Who wants a hot tub when its hot? Stick in cold water and man up!
    Yeah! Throw some ice cubes and ice creams in there with some cookie dough!
  23. Avatar
    Tempting just to have a spare pump unit for when mine eventually breaks, Layzspa charge £250 for a replacement!

    Spend a bit of money on insulation these aren't ridiculous to run in warner months even 24/7

    I set mine to 35c in case we want to use it and it loses 2c over night. Running the pump yesterday for 9 hours to maintain the water quality and bring the water back up to 35c used 3.1kwh which is 87p on the standard cap.

    Replying to

    - Sat on some Halford mats
    - Roll of foil insulation round the outside between inflatable part and grey cover it comes with, not sure if this on all models, mine is a Vegas
    - Clever spa Thermal cover, not cheap but I think makes a big difference
    - I also made a round hard top out of some pir insulation board
  24. Avatar
    Thanks op just ordered with 10% Topcashback . My lazy spa is about 8 years old, & still works ! but the catches on the lid broke, so the cover blows away & leaves/dirt get in it & no timer, looking a bit shabby. Haven’t got it out as a bit of an eyesore & the expense, but I really miss it. This is such a good price, I’ll just heat it when required 😁 & hope for the best 💸
    Topcashback 13.2%
  25. Avatar
    May be worth a punt to take on holiday and use their electric to run
  26. Avatar
    So tempted! Cat popped our last one Thinking of keeping it in box but knowing my look it’d be faulty or chewed by some creature when I open it
  27. Avatar
    bought one for my ex-wife

    if she complains about cold water id chuck a electric fire in to warm her up
    My mother in law pees the bed so I bought her an electric blanket last Xmas, you have to keep trying...
  28. Avatar
    If your not on a fixed policy, are you really a deal hunter?
  29. Avatar
    3 people at a push btw
  30. Avatar
    Haven’t received the confirmation
  31. Avatar
    Just ordered, confirmation came through straight away as created an account on the site
  32. Avatar
    I know a lot of people who were smart and fixed in 2021 with a view to try and ride out the anticipated rises (although no one predicted exactly how bad it has got) and then their provider goes bust and they lost their brilliant tariff anyway. I feel for anyone on the price cap. Mine runs out in Oct.
    I fixed last August until next year as there was plenty of warning in the news about what was going to happen. I'm just glad I was able to fix my tariff.
  33. Avatar
    My emails had gone into the Junk folder
  34. Avatar
    Hmmm ordered but haven't received any emails for the order or account verification and not in spam...will give it a bit of time. Didn't take a note of the order number it gave me before I created the account either, doh
  35. Avatar
    I bought one
  36. Avatar
    Definitely get the feeling I'm not going to get one of these and probably gonna have fun getting a refund as well, hope not , let's see what transpires tomorrow
  37. Avatar
    What’s the difference between this one and the Tahiti one ? Their both £149
    Colour only I believe.
  38. Avatar
    great find
  39. Avatar
    Great for the rain