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Lazy Guys Bundle £1.97 @ LazyGuys
Found 25th Sep 2015Found 25th Sep 2015
Cargo 3, (Steam) TRIP: Steam Edition, (Steam) Advent, (Steam) System Recovery, (Greenlight) Rumble, (Greenlight) Swiftly, (Greenlight) The Haunting of Billy, (Greenlight) Cyber T… Read more

I like it by screenshots.


Shame Cargo 3 isn't very good.


Lovely :3

Lazy Days Bundle (9 Steam Games, 1 Greenlight) £1.91 @ LazyGuysBundle
Found 18th Jul 2015Found 18th Jul 2015
Samudai (Trading Cards) Crayon Chronicles (Trading Cards) Castle (Trading Cards) Mr. Bree+ (Trading Cards) Thief Town (Trading Cards) Sometimes (Trading Cards) Catmouth Island (Tra… Read more

It's worth mentioning that the Greenlight title has actually been Greenlit, so it's just a case of awaiting the Steam key.


Literally must have been composing this at the same time :) It's been a while since we have seen anything from the Lazy Studio. Samudai - £3.99 Crayon Chronicles - £2.79 Castle - £3.99 Mr. Bree+ - £1.99 Thief Town - £2.79 Sometimes: Success Requires Sacrifice - £1.99 Cat mouth Island - £3.99 Groundbreakers - Greenlit Garden Rescue - £1.99 Odysseus: Long Way Home - £1.99 They also randomly choose one buyer from every 500 bundles sold (which I have experienced) to receive $10 Steam credit. Heated jay.


Lovely :) Samudai (Steam + Trading Cards) Crayon Chronicles (Steam + Trading Cards) Castle (Steam + Trading Cards) Mr. Bree+ (Steam + Trading Cards) Thief Town (Steam + Trading Cards) Sometimes: Success Requires Sacrifice (Steam + Trading Cards) Catmouth Island (Steam + Trading Cards) Ground Breakers (Desura and GREENLIT) Garden Rescue (Steam) Odysseus: Long Way Home (Steam)

Lazy Guys Bundle 11 (12 Games) £1.95 @ LazyGuys
Found 7th May 2015Found 7th May 2015
7 of the 8 Greenlight games have been greenlit already and you will receive the keys via email on release. The others are 3 Steam keys and 1 DRM Free.. Velocibox (Steam) BoxesWit… Read more

Or the currency gets weaker and stronger. Don't you think? :)


when i went to buy it today it had a completely different price (£2.01 including vat) compared to the other day where it was showing as £2.34 (hence why i tried to get using the vpn trick with no luck)so i think there'd been some bug on the page, or it could have been firefox related.. no idea! decent bundle though, cheers op for bringing to our attention as i dont tend to check their webpage/bundle very often compared to the other ones that offer bundles.


Yeah Ok, sorry.


I'm not arguing. Maybe I should put some smileys into my messages :D Maybe you wanted to use $ and it saw you're not from country U.S. so it automatically showed you VAT as well :)


Lol: You can stop arguing especially as I'm agreeing with you. When using $ vat tax was listed as 0.49 yesterday on my pre purchase [edit] can't get it to do it now. It may be that I am mistaken and that it said tax 0.00 but showed price as $2.49 eg no Tax Vat(which I can get it to do)

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Found 26th Feb 2015Found 26th Feb 2015
$2.99 for the collection, Steam keys will be sent on Greenlight status. SheHe (Desura & Greenlit) HassleHeart (Desura & Greenlit) Barter Empire (Desura & Greenlit) … Read more
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Thanks to MP & Q for your help, consider me enlightened. ;-)


I love this bundle.


It's a collection of PC games in one bundle for not too many pennies.


Games on the PC platforms, Steam and Desura


can someone enlighten an old git please? do i need one, what does it do, is it legal. can i smoke it, fry it or boil it?

Starting 2015 Like A Boss Bundle (12 Games) £1.94 @ LazyGuysBundle
Found 2nd Jan 2015Found 2nd Jan 2015
Biglands: A Game Made By Kids The Ingenious Machine Dreaming Sarah Yelaxot Cubot The Interview Gun World David Rotieer One Snack Please Bernie Needs Love Spellbind You get 15 keys… Read more

Yes. It's very easy to look it up on Steam.


Any of those games have trading cards ?


Definitely, most of them are awesome. Watch the promo video or trailers one by one.


Are any of the games any good though?


Keys are used to activate the games on Desura and Steam. Easy.

The Late August Bundle (16 Games & 1 DLC) £1.80 @ LazyGuysBundle
Found 22nd Aug 2014Found 22nd Aug 2014
Major Mayhem (Steam) Ballpoint Universe – Infinite (Steam) Knytt Underground (Steam) Song of the Myrne (Desura & Greenlight) Clusterpuck99 (Desura & Greenlight) Vintage Yea… Read more

Knytt Underground didn't support controllers at all which I don't find acceptable. Dunno if it has changed or not.


Heat added, the next hot vote, makes it hot :-)


Heat, great little bundle for the price :) Don't forget to check out the weekly competition :)


Bargain for a new collector.

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Majestic Bundle - £1.51 - LazyGuysStudio (8 Games / 5 Steam)
Found 20th Jun 2014Found 20th Jun 2014
Once game is Greenlit and available in the Steam Store, you will get a FREE Steam key too! Overcast : Walden and the Werewolf (Steam) QuestRun - (Steam) Dead Bits - (S… Read more
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Played Killing Floor a lot more than one year ago.Very good title.Hard Reset too.Will check other titles.Thank you.


Maybe try Killing Floor The Ball Hard Reset Natural Selection 2 EYE: Divine Cybermancy


I think maybe Jaystan may be the best to answer that with his whoring knowledge of the indy scene, I myself am a bit of a AAA go getter (_;) Quoted him so hopefully his forever flowing knowledge will soon make an appearance (_;)


I've been looking for some sort FPS Indie games similar to HEAVY BULLETS in last few days.Can you recommend anything?Want to grab Heavy bullets but waiting for decent discount on that title. Got so much annoyed with latest AAA titles.


My initial thought was Minecraft Borderlands, Lets see how it compares :)

Blurred Shapes Bundle (14 Games) £1.47 @ LazyGuysBundle
Found 23rd May 2014Found 23rd May 2014
$2.49 for first 20 hours. $2.99 after 20 hours. Dark Shadows - Army of Evil (Steam) Metal Planet (Already Greenlit) Memories of A Vagabond (Already Greenlit) GEARCRACK Arena (Alr… Read more

Nah they just put back the £1.69 they deducted from my refund.


Should get some extra credit from them :)


Thanks I spotted it earlier and was going to mention it but then got sidetracked having to email Amazon who have had the nerve to deduct postage back to them from my processed refund from an item they sold me as new that arrived clearly used and had been opened and then resealed.

'NIGHT SKY' BUNDLE£1.80  @ LazyGuysStudio
Found 18th Apr 2014Found 18th Apr 2014
Pay $2.99 for: Huntsman: The Orphanage (Steam) * Micron (Desura) * Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? (Desura) * Project Night (Desura) * Inescapable (Desura) El Ammo and The Lost Dutc… Read more
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Check the email address you used to pay for the bundle for an Inescapable steam key.


Keys arrived today from support.


still not got mine but can you tell me the payment portal on the paypal payment please or the receipt you got. Thanks Edit does not matter about payment portal I was just a little worried it had been hijacked as all previous purchase of lazy guys bundles have been through a different system, which I've never had any bother with I might add. Clicking deal link again at bottom of payment page fastspring is mentioned again so was normal. I have now contacted fastspring so hopefully they will provide me with what I paid for. To be fair lazy guys customer service have never let me down and forwarded me 5 minutes after purchasing the above bundle my 3 previous orders which were lost when my hard drive collapsed. I suspect they go home 5pm Friday & don't work Saturday and Sunday.


Did you get your email mate? I just bought the bundle and received mine instantly.


Not yet. Did you notice the payment portal as being fastspring ?

Pure Light Bundle £1.20 @ LazyGuysStudio
Found 7th Mar 2014Found 7th Mar 2014
'Pure Light' Bundle 1 in every 500 get $10 Steam Wallet. Off-Road Drive (Steam) CID the Dummy (Steam) Plain Sight (Steam) Infinite Loop (Greenlight) RobotRiot: Hype Edition (Gree… Read more

A very little, guess they are just too lazy *ber dum tss*


Oi Jay, you owe me three pence lol £1.23! Rip off lol


can someone email them regarding the layout of the keys listed on account page and in email This would be to see if they fix it but more importantly to see if you get a mail delivery message trying to email them like I have


Had trouble with this site before, do the videos of the games not play for you guys too?


It's a little easier to work out keys when reading the Email.

Moon Landing Bundle (8 Games) £2.38 @ LazyGuysStudio
Found 14th Feb 2014Found 14th Feb 2014
$3.99 Astro Emporia - Desura/Greenlight Beep - Desura/Steam Hero of The Kingdom - Steam Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood - Steam Inside the Gear - Desura/Greenlight Orborun - Desu… Read more

Ouch indeed. Sorry I should have given a warning that only people with hangovers can watch. However if you watched it once you've got a hangover now so no apology is needed upon reflection. Hope the power of chicken helped.


Ouch lol. Just got my own hangover cure :)


Hangover cure.


He he was out drinking :)


I got the email yesterday assumed it would have been posted earlier. Standards are slipping Jaystan.

"Starting 2014 Like a Boss" Bundle £1.83 @ Lazy Guys Studio
Found 13th Jan 2014Found 13th Jan 2014
"Starting 2014 Like a Boss" Bundle 15 games for $2.99 (£1.83) from Lazy Guys Studio. Pulse Shift (Steam, Desura) Bridge It (Steam) Chompy Chomp Chomp (Steam Greenlight, Desura) G… Read more
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Got the deal today. It's great! 8)


They also think that if a game is already on Steam, they don't need to send you a Desura key I think that's as true as 'everyone likes Facebook', but currently, you don't get the Desura key for those, even though the descriptions say you will. If and when stuff is 'greenlit', they will email the keys, rather than having a personal bundle page like most other bundles. The Hacker Evolution games are combined into one key too.


Amended, thanks :)


I think only Aztaka, Bridge It and the Hacker games are currently on Steam. The others are on Steam Greenlight and need to be 'voted' on first, so no Steam keys for them yet? Still a lot of games for the money. Voted hot. :)


My title of SteamkeyBob fell upon me, but I won't plug my unofficial HUKD Weekly Game Codes Giveaway 3 to tell you why. I won't. Not here. Not now. ;)