Lazytown [Special Edition] [Bonus DVD] CD £2 delivered @ Tesco Ent

Lazytown [Special Edition] [Bonus DVD] CD £2 delivered @ Tesco Ent

Found 1st Jun 2009Made hot 2nd Jun 2009
Disc 1
Various Artist - Welcome To LazyTown
Various Artist - No One Is Lazy In LazyTown
Various Artist - Galaxy
Various Artist - Gizmo Guy
Various Artist - Lazy Scouts
Various Artist - Step By Step
Various Artist - Have You Ever
Various Artist - Always A Way
Various Artist - Energy
Various Artist - Spooky Song
Various Artist - Cooking By The Book
Various Artist - Man On A Mission
Various Artist - Teamwork
Various Artist - Master Of Disguise
Various Artist - You Are A Pirate
Various Artist - Good Stuff
Various Artist - Playtime
Various Artist - Wake Up
Various Artist - Twenty Times Time
Various Artist - Bing Bang
Welcome To LazyTown
Is Lazy In LazyTown
Gizmo Guy
Lazy Scouts
Step By Step
Have You Ever
Always A Way
Spooky Song
Cooking By The Book
Man On A Mission
Master Of Disguise
You Are A Pirate
Good Stuff
Wake Up
Twenty Times Time
Bing Bang
I Love Christmas (Bonus Track)


hot, another crimbo pressie :oops:

thanks amibees :thumbsup:

Some kids shows are really good, but I can't stand this one :x

I like the remix with lil jon.

I love this cd. Every song is a corker. Especially Lazy Scouts and Master of Disguise.

harhar didideedee you are a pirate

that's the best. Thanks missed out on this at asdas one day thingy. ordered for out long drive to the airport for the hols. keep the kids happy.

Great find, thanks ordered & have to agree with above "You are a pirate" the best, heat n rep added.

do what you want cos a pirate is free.

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