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Thank you - on this occasion rattle stays well and truly in the perambulator.

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yellow LEDs!!!
DeJudda Man!

If it has time shift function can't we just fast forward 6 months and buy it cheaper?

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Never watched 3DTV before - let me know, do you feel like a tit or someone from Wayne's World with the 3D goggle thingys on.

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Cheers mamboboy! - special price needs affinity log on. Fixed title.

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This price is a rip of regardless. Get yourself a PS63C7000 Plasma from samsung, miles better than this 3 inches bigger and £900 less.

This quad pixel is pointless considering the content is created purely for a 3 primary colour system, adding an extra colour is simply going to make everything look to yellow and not as the director intended and not produce an accurate image.
Also to add to this sharp make poor televisions, the menu systems are bad there is always too much processing going on and the sets are over priced and the the panels are average.

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I can only see it for £3500 on the site? Also the title is a mess! … I can only see it for £3500 on the site? Also the title is a mess! 'Enlarge Zoom' is from copying and pasting the thumbnail I guess? apexialdesigns: the glasses aren't too bad really.. you look a good sight better than you would have in old school style red/blue ones

You have to log into the site to get the reduced price
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