LCD cleaner kit £1,from

LCD cleaner kit £1,from

Found 31st Dec 2013
LCD cleaner kit,incl. Cleaning soliution,microfibre cleaning cloth and cleaning brush.
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I bought this in The Whitgift Centre, Croydon today.
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considering it can cost up to £20 in other places it's pretty good but always is this price voted hot anyway
also in 99p store saw it earlier
It may be good, but would be too scared to spray it on my 2560x1440 IPS Panel.
Ive bought a few in the past good for tablets and phones but resisted trying it on my TV.
This stuff has been available in Poundland for over a year.
At first, I was wary of it. I mean, how can this, at a quid, be any good compared to the expensive branded stuff I used on my laptops and tv's......
But, I gave it a go, and now use it on the tablets, palmtop, laptop, and all the LCD tv's in the house, including the 47" in the living room.
Honestly, its perfect. No smears, no residue, just a perfect clean.
I even use it in work now, and several other members of staff have bought it to use at home after seeign how it cleaned their screens at work, as they too (understandably) just wouldnt trust a product from a pound shop not to damage their equipment.
It just shows how much we are beign ripped off with the branded products that do ther same job.....
Why not use Windowlene and a microfibre cloth from asda? Or a bit of water from the tap?
Mr Sheen does a better job a lot cheaper. Have used it many times with no problems. For a perfect job on all laptops etc. use Auto-Glym Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner.
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