LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver CD 4.99 @ Amazon

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver CD 4.99 @ Amazon

Found 20th May 2010
'Sound Of Silver' is the second album from New York's king of cool, James Murphy and his LCD Soundsystem. A consummate punk-funk workout that expands on the sound of their eponymous debut without losing any of that record's inherent coolness, this is dance music for people to think to, and will appeal to fans of The Rapture and Radio 4. Includes the single 'North American Scum'.

This may not be to many people's taste and for those who follow this band you could argue not their best album but I think it's cheaper than most places. LCD Soundsystem can be very addictive. It will be interesting to see the comments (waiting to be flamed!!!)

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The best album of 2007. A must own for anyone!

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Thank you for adding the image - whoever you were!!!:thumbsup:

fantastic album, one of my favourites.
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