LCD Sports Watch (Weekly offer) £19.99 @ Lidl

LCD Sports Watch (Weekly offer) £19.99 @ Lidl

£19.99LIDL Deals
Found 8th Sep 2010
Made from stainless steel and ABS plastic
Altimeter and digital compass
12/24hr clock
Date display
Alarm with snooze function
Temperature display (°C/°F)
And much more
Battery included
3 year manufacturer’s warranty
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In terms of features (altimeter and compass) looks great for the price. Out of all those features the only one I've ever had is a thermometer, but I found it highly inaccurate no matter what conditions it was used in, even though it had a feature to compensate for body temperature when worn.
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a hot price, but altimeter also relies on the temperature which is always off on watches for obvisou reasons!
I've had a Huger watch with the same features for about 10 years and it still works very well, also apart from the thermometer unless it is taken off the wrist. However, the big sensors ticking out at the edge mean it is like wearing a brick on the wrist and I will be having a look at these to see if they are slimmer because they could be a very good buy for the money. The Huger cost about £60 in the Frankfurt duty free back in 1999-2000
I think these have been on offer before and, if I remember correctly, they don't have any waterproof/resistance rating. This seems odd for a watch like this. Hopefully these new ones will be different.
I purchased one of these last time they were on offer in a different colour, and after setting the time it became completely unresponsive to all the buttons. Opened it up out of curiosity, to find that it used sprung leaf switches and one of them had snapped, causing it to short that button and stop all the others working. Also found it rather oversized as I think it's trying to look like a Suunto. Took it back and got a refund.
Had a look at this today and it is rather chunky and not much of an improvement in size over my Huger so I passed. Still a good price for your first sports feature watch and if you like oversize watches that stand out.
I tried the Limehouse store...didn't appear to stock it. Are these not available across all stores?
Managed to get one in Enfield.....chunky but cool...:)
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