LCD TV 32" with Freeview £279.99 @ Netto
LCD TV 32" with Freeview £279.99 @ Netto

LCD TV 32" with Freeview £279.99 @ Netto

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*HD Ready HDMI imput
*Analog and Digital TV Tuners (2in1)
*Receives Freeview Tv and Radio Channels
*USB Port
Cl slot for digital subscription cards
*HDMI x 2 socket
*Scart x 2 socket
*2 x 10W (RMS)
*Widescreen resolution (WXGA 1366 x 768)


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you can also get a bush 32 inch for 299.99 from arghos in there latest price cuts good, price. havn't heard of dgm before are they any good

this isnt cheap?, its £249.95 at dabs and the bt online shop

total rubbish!!


total rubbish!!

thanks for that useful post,so glad people like you are here too help:whistling:


thanks for that useful post,so glad people like you are here too … thanks for that useful post,so glad people like you are here too help:whistling:

ha ha ha ha ha

Just been searching web for any info on this DGM 32" TV from Netto at £279.99 as my parents have bought it without consulting me (an electrical product/gadget specialist in the retail industry). :x Anyway I turned up to said parents to look after the cat to find this monstrosity in their living room and here is my appraisal:

The TV is connected to a DVD recorder from Aldi (Tevion) and then to a regular Sky box via scart, so I can't comment on its HD quality but it is awful on standard def. So connections could cause the poor performance but I wager its probably just the cheap TV.

Overly sharp, contrasty with no detail in blacks, smeary/shimmery/pixelated motion, unnatural colours, little control on changing settings e.g. brightness, contrast, colour, sharpness only, all of which make no real difference. It is set up right though just so you know.

The sound is hollow, unnatural and hums a bit and has no low frequency at all.

The build in plasticy crap and the frame looks uneven when light shines on it likes its bumpy and not flat. It is glossy but matt at the back.

It is hard to see the connections as they are placed vertically coming down (possibly for wall mounting). It has no optical output for home cinema to get TV sound from tuner to home cinema speakers. 2 scarts a USB port but 2 HDMI's won't be good if you have Sky HD, Home cinema, a digi camera, PS3 or Freesat recorder. Scart is not the way to go these days for good quality signal and won't give you HD picture.

The remote is so lightweight it is like a piece of paper! The controls seem logical enough but small keys and feels so low quality.

Please don't buy it is all I can say, unless you literally have no money and don't really care what you get, apart from a slim TV that displays a TV signal. Its a cheap load of rubbish! Could never compare to a big brand TV. Top brands of Tv are: Panasonic, Samsung or Sony and even LG has good sound, connectivity and design and a very useful 'screen blanking feature for radio.

I subscribe to Which? who doesn't give LG or Toshiba 'Best Buys' often but they still rate them far better than any unheard of brand TV.

I'm trying to see if I can get Netto to take it back, even for a credit note to spend on groceries for a year! A Toshiba or LG would have been £50 - £70 more from Comet with good after-sales service and spares if required, that big brands are known for. You could get cheaper online also.

Does anyone know about Netto on returns of electricals? This TV was not ondisplayto see the quality first so its almost like distance selling?
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