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Posted 28 August 2022

Le Creuset Signature Round Casserole 28 cm, 6.7 Litre, Volcanic - £209.99 @ Amazon

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Best price for ages - I bit.
Round enamelled cast iron dish, Tight-fitting lid, Fuss-free one-pot cooking, Serves 6-8 people, made in France
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    The point is, if you want one, it's the cheapest it has been for a long time -so it is a deal.
    The issues of value for money or other options are academic.
    Absolutely correct. This site is about deals. I’d love a Ferrari. If one were reduced by £50k I still wouldn’t be able to afford it, but it would still be a deal
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    Can’t afford to pay £200 for a casserole dish that can be used for life to feed your family , but can eat takeaways every week
    What a stupid comment, people can barely afford to eat at the minute nevermind pay £200 for a casserole dish especially when you can pick up a Amazon basics one for around £50 that looks identical and will last just as long or as i did the other day £30 off amazon warehouse.
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    Thanks for posting. Good deal there.
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    So can I take it everyone is only supposed to post deals everyone else will consider value for money these days?
    The fact that something is the cheapest price at that time and that it has been for a considerable period of time is irrelevant?

    In that case, I await with eager anticipation the flurry of cold votes and critical comments for the next Chocolate Orange or Pot Noodle deal. (edited)

    Replying to

    I don't necessarily consider it a "bargain".
    What it is (and the reason I posted it), is the cheapest price it has been for some considerable time.
    My thinking on the ethos of this site and my reason for posting any deal is to alert others who may be interested.

    I do not figure in the deal police!
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    Crazy prices for a pot..

    Madness, they want £100 for 6 stoneware mugs 🤦🤷, marketing gone mad!!!

    48111314_1.jpg48111314_1.jpg48111314_1.jpg48111314_1.jpg48111314_1.jpg48111314-EuwXo.jpg (edited)
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    I bought the Lidl 1 about 2 years ago £ 12 still perfect now the price is 18 I think
    Well done you - but irrelevant.