Lead & Gold (Free steam key)

Lead & Gold (Free steam key)

Found 29th Nov 2017Edited by:"delahmed"
3rd person shooter which is actually very good and unique. However Multi player is dead so they are giving away 1 million steam keys.

I just followed them on twitter and went to their steam page for their new game and got the email with the steam key.

Its free so worth a shot.

If you check steamcharts.com/app…120 there are 160 players playing at the time of posting
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Hot, thanks
Claimed, thanks
Nice, done.
Grabbed, thanks
You need to sign up to steam, load the steam on your computer: In the left / bottom you will see: + ADD A GAME.

Hope this helps.
Shame you have to sell your soul to get it.
What or who is MP please
greendolphin19 m ago

What or who is MP please

MP = Multi Player. He means no one is playing the multiplayer anymore so the developer is giving away copies to boost player numbers.
greendolphin19 m ago

What or who is MP please

Multiplayer. In this context he means multiplayer with random opponents rather than co-op with your friends.
Heat. Used to play this with friends back in 2011 (i think). It was fun but lacked longevity.
THANKS - got it but don't ask me how...
Does anyone got a spare key, looks like they don't like send it to me

PM pls.

Very appreciate!
70/83 on Metacritic, nice.
whoop_de_do_basil4 h, 24 m ago

Shame you have to sell your soul to get it.

I jumped through the hoops and rented my soul, only to realise I already own it (embarrassed).
Already owned here's a spare key: P6EMK-RMC8E-83TT3
good game, shame the servers that are up are all totally empty
still possible to get a code
I do not have Twitter... anyone have a spare key?
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