Leadtek GeForce 8800 GT ZL OC 512MB 650Mhz - £152.74 @ Overclockers
Leadtek GeForce 8800 GT ZL OC 512MB 650Mhz - £152.74 @ Overclockers

Leadtek GeForce 8800 GT ZL OC 512MB 650Mhz - £152.74 @ Overclockers

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The site says this week only.

This looks like a good deal to me, I know XFX and EVGA might make slightly better cards and offer a longer warrenty but they are more expensive and Leadtek are a big company and have always made good hardware.

This card is cheaper than most of the stock speed 8800GT and the core is overclocked to 650mhz and I think the shader is overclocked too. It also has a Zalman fan on it which in theory should keep it cool allowing for more overclocking.

You also get free delivery from Overclockers and they are usually very fast, quite often next day.

- GeForce 8800 GT core running at 650MHz
- Zalman Heatpipe Silent Cooling Solution
- 20 °C Lower than NV Reference Cooler
- Shader Clock Speed of 1625MHz
- 512MB GDDR3 Memory running at 1800MHz
- 256-Bit Memory Interface
- 112 Stream Processors
- Shader Model 4.0
- Memory Bandwidth: 57.6GB/s
- Designed For Extreme HD Gaming
- Nvidia Pure Video Technology
- Dedicated Video processors free the GPU Shaders to run 3D applications
- Dual dual-link DVI supports two 2560 x 1600 resolution displays
- HDCP Enabled!!
- SLI ready Upto 2x the performance of a single GPU (Available on with future driver release)
- True High Dynamic Range Rendering Support Based on Open EXR technology
- World's first unified architecture supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 10
- Built for Microsoft® Windows® Vista
- 2yr Warranty with OcUK/Leadtek


Good price:thumbsup:

Stay away from this company,i've had a nightmare with them.

very arrogant customer care.

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Stay away from this company,i've had a nightmare with them.very arrogant … Stay away from this company,i've had a nightmare with them.very arrogant customer care.

Leadtek or Overclockers?

I haven't used overclockers a great deal because I usually find their prices slightly higher than ebuyer and scan but alot of people I know always use them mainly because of their excellent service, but then everyone has different experiences.

I have ordered one so I will post to let everyone know how it goes.

Never had any problems with Overclockers and have used them quite a bit in the past. Good service even friendly service on the phone when returning stuff.

They've pulled the free delivery already.

It lasted less than 24 hours.
Well done Ocuk:whistling:

OCuk are an awful company run by a disgusting racist, homophobic and completely bigoted fool!
They also try too pass off second hand goods as brand new and try their hardest to weasel out of their legal obligations by fobbing people off in the hope that the less confrontational and gentle souls give up or shy away!!
A few years back a load of people working for OC's left because of their practices and the way they handled customers, they spilt the beans and from what I can tell OC's have not changed a bit!!
Also their was a DON's room leak that showed what a vile creature 'Spie' and the people he had surrounded himself with are.

Scummy company that I wouldn't **** on if they were on fire.
But hey if you wanna give your money to a person like that then go ahead, personally I would rather pay extra somewhere else (normally cheaper elsewhere anyway) then line the pocket of a scum bag *******!

£140.99 inc VAT this week only deal

Just ordered one of these from Overclockers. Came to £150 total (£8 delivery with Citywire). Had to phone them up first and wasn't impressed with the guy who answered the phone. Not outwarldy rude as such, but very brief and just short of being rude. Hopefully I get this delivered and running without any issues. I'll think twice about buying anything from them again though...
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