League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 1910 & 1969 - £3.50 each @ Forbidden Planet

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century 1910 & 1969 - £3.50 each @ Forbidden Planet

Found 5th Mar 2012
The first 2 volumes of the latest installment of the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen series are reduced to £2.50 each (plus £1 postage per book) at ForbiddenPlanet.co.uk. RRPs are £5.99 and £7.99 so seems a pretty good deal for a couple of books from one of comics' biggest names- Alan Moore (Watchmen, Swamp Thing, Batman:The Killing Joke). Not read them myself but happy to take a punt for this price based on his previous work and some decent reviews. And apparantly, don't be put off by the sub-par movie!

Here's the blurb-

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century will consist of three deluxe, 80-page, full-colour, perfect-bound graphic novellas, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin O'Neill - with lettering by Todd Klein, and colours by Ben Dimagmaliw. Each self-contained narrative takes place in three distinct eras, building to an apocalyptic conclusion occurring in our own twenty-first century.Top Shelf and Knockabout are proud to announce the all-new installment in the breathtaking series by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill! In The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, our familiar cast of Victorian literary characters enters the brave new world of the 20th century!

Chapter One is set against a backdrop of London, 1910, twelve years after the failed Martian invasion and nine years since England put a man upon the moon. In the bowels of the British Museum, Carnacki the ghost-finder is plagued by visions of a shadowy occult order who are attempting to create something called a Moonchild, while on London's dockside the most notorious serial murderer of the previous century has returned to carry on his grisly trade.

Working for Mycroft Holmes' British Intelligence alongside a rejuvenated Allan Quartermain, the reformed thief Anthony Raffles and the eternal warrior Orlando, Miss Murray is drawn into a brutal opera acted out upon the waterfront by players that include the furiously angry Pirate Jenny and the charismatic butcher known as Mac the Knife. This one is not to be missed!

Chapter Two takes place almost sixty years later in the psychedelic daze of Swinging London during 1968, a place where Tadukic Acid Diethylamide 26 is the drug of choice, and where different underworlds are starting to overlap dangerously to an accompaniment of sit-ins and sitars.

The vicious gangster bosses of London's East End find themselves brought into contact with a counter-culture underground of mystical and medicated flower-children, or amoral pop-stars on the edge of psychological disintegration and developing a taste for Satanism.

Alerted to a threat concerning the same magic order that she and her colleagues were investigating during 1910 (see the first part of Century), a thoroughly modern Mina Murray and her dwindling league of comrades attempt to navigate the perilous rapids of London's hippy and criminal subculture, as well as the twilight world of its occultists. Starting to buckle from the pressures of the twentieth century and the weight of their own endless lives, Mina and her companions must nevertheless prevent the making of a Moonchild that might well turn out to be the antichrist.

Chapter Three is slated for release in late 2012.

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