League of Legends PC-DVD @Amazon £7.89 inc delivery

League of Legends PC-DVD @Amazon £7.89 inc delivery

Found 20th Jul 2010
This is in the top 5 games by hours played online (sometimes it's number 2) with World of Warcraft at number 1 of course, who knows why but.... anyway, with the Call of Duty games filling the other 3 slots (according to xfire.com, in before). It is the most fun one can have on a PC ATM IMO. If you buy LOL from http://www.game.co.uk/PC-Games-and-Downloads/RolePlaying/~r344462/League-of-Legends/?mid=344462&cm_mmc=BigMouth-_-PC_Games-_-League_of_Legends-_-link you might get it sooner than the amazon deal, but it will cost you about 11p more. You can also play for free, the full game by signing up and downloading from eu.leagueoflegends.com/ in the UK and leagueoflegends.com/ in the US. When you buy the game you get 20 unlocked Champions out of a total 40 (these are the characters you control), some extra Runes (these give you more power in the game, faster movement, harder hitting etc) & also, a couple of Champion skins to make your characters look different and some Riot Points that you can use to buy other skins, champions & runes. If you play the game for free, you have to choose from the weekly selection of free champions that changes and you get no runes/skins/riot points. But you accumulate another type of point (IP) just by playing, which you can use to purchase skins/champions/runes. Once you have progressed to level 20 (out of 30) you will be able to access Ranked Matches only if you have also unlocked 20 champions on your way. You don't have to play in Ranked Matches if you don't want to, there are still loads of Normal Games night and day.


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I got this for £5 in Game last week - it was on the shelf with the 3 for £10 sticker too.

Great game - definately worth buying this pack to get 20 Heroes and some ingame cash, plus runes, etc ...

Nice to give the devs some cash for making such a great game too.

Just looked and you can get it for £6.99 from Gamestation too http://www.gamestation.co.uk/PC/RolePlaying/~r417913/LeagueofLegends/?mid=417913
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