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Lean Gains: The Secret Formula to Burning Fat and Building Muscle - Kindle Edition, Free @ Amazon

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�� A straight-to-the-point, science-backed guide to burning fat and gaining muscle.
�� Paragraph breaks, colour pictures on almost every page, and a gentle sense of humour for enjoyable reading.
�� Frequently Asked Questions, and everything you need to know about diet and exercise.
�� 470 pages of easy-to-digest information relating to the science behind fat-loss and muscle gain.
�� A comprehensive guide for both men and women.
�� Also available in hardcopy.

Work-out smarter not harder.
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    This seems to be a beginners weightlifting and nutrition book. the reviews seem ok but there are a couple of references to lean gains seminars which feels slightly "scammy".

    What this isn't is a book on "leangains" which is a popular 16:8 fasting program for weightlifters. the author of that book, Martin Berkhan, is generally accepted as the person who popularised intermittent fasting and he was doing it before Dr Michael Mosley had even heard of it. if you see people online mention "leangains" they mean Berkhans books, not this one.
    Glad someone said it, as I was about to!

    I jumped on the IF band wagon back in 2012 when Martin Berkhan was the poster boy for it to, but I think 'kino body' stole quite a bit from him and certainly didn't give Martin much credit if any.
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    Do you need to be a kindle unlimited subscriber?

    EDIT: got it.. dunno why it was causing me issues getting this, it was forcing me to signup for kindle unlimited. (edited)
    Press buy for £0 not read, always.
    You press Read for £0.00 it will see if you are a unlimited and if not ask you to sub.
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    I'll sum it up..compound lifts and a calorie deficit 💪🏾
    SHHH! It's a SECRET!
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    Secret Formula :/
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    Wise person once told me, takes months to gain muscle and weeks to shed fat
    Depends, newbie gains come in fast
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