Leap Frog Scribble & Write £7 @ Asda

Leap Frog Scribble & Write £7 @ Asda

Found 17th Jan 2015
Excellent learning toy, my son got one for Christmas and loves it. £7 bargain, have bought a few for presents.


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Found in Asda Pudsey btw

Cheapest price I have ever seen although I got one for my son for Christmas and the keypad was completely unresponsive. Bought another and had the same problem after a few days. Might try another for £7 as I did like the idea of it!

We got one of these for our niece we paid £14 last year at toys r us, it really helps with phonics.

I got one for £6 in the boots sale. but £7 is also a good deal hot from me. :-)

how big is this?

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7in tall, 5ib wide ish?!

£5 at my local Tesco.
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